Month: June 2012

What CRM Vendors Don’t Want You to Know

By CommenceCRM / June 29, 2012

If you’re a small to mid-size business looking for a Customer Relationship Management solution you are most likely focusing your attention on evaluating and comparing each product’s features, functions and price. And while that may indeed be the key criteria for your decision there are several things that CRM vendors don’t want you to know that could impact your final…

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By CommenceCRM / June 28, 2012

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Commence CRM First Looks on New Product Release Getting Good Reviews by End Users

By CommenceCRM / June 27, 2012

Commence Corporation a leading provider of affordable CRM software for growing businesses has released an enhanced version of their popular online CRM software.

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Sales: Question and Answer #12 – Overcoming call reluctance

By CommenceCRM / June 26, 2012

This is a Sales Question and Answer article from guest poster Dave Kahle, author and leading sales educator. Follow Dave’s latest Tweets at @davekahle. By Dave Kahle Q. I have long enjoyed your articles.  I am in my second year of being a full commission salesman and wanted to get your advice.  When I make an onsite visit or pick…

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Best Sales Management Tools for Small Business

By CommenceCRM / June 25, 2012

Small to mid-size businesses are finally paying very close attention to managing the sales process and are in desperate need of easy to use sales tools for automating the sales cycle and reporting on pipeline activity. While there are a number of CRM software programs that offer sales cycle management one of the best ones for small to mid-size companies…

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Is Your Business Implementing Workflow or Workarounds?

By CommenceCRM / June 20, 2012

Small to mid-size businesses often struggle to automate their internal business processes and tend to use workarounds rather than automate workflow. Workflow can be viewed as a series of steps that are required to complete a task from initiation to completion. These tasks can be found throughout an organization from administration and sales down to the shipping department, and can…

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Sales Best Practice #5 – Is good at closing the sale

By CommenceCRM / June 11, 2012

A best practice for sales people by guest poster Dave Kahle, author and leading sales educator. By Dave Kahle The best salespeople earn that designation because they write more business than the mass of salespeople.  They get the order! One of the practices that contributes to that success is that of “closing the sale”.  Unfortunately, there is no one issue…

Read More Challenged by Small to Mid-Size CRM Competitors

By CommenceCRM / June 7, 2012

Image by Peter Renshaw on Flickr under Creative Commons license. The market for Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) is highly competitive.   While, a pioneer in the evolution of cloud computing, was once the only game in town, 2012 is presenting some challenges to the current market leader as more and more competitors enter the race.  One of the top…

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Thinking about Sales: Your Most Powerful Sales Tool

By CommenceCRM / June 4, 2012

This is a Sales Best Practices article from guest poster Dave Kahle, author and leading sales educator. Image by Rich Nacmias on Flickr under Creative Commons license. Article By Dave Kahle Did you enjoy what you had for dinner last night? You are probably wondering what that question has to do with sales.  Bear with me a moment, and answer the…

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