Project Management Software

CRM and Project Management Software

Commence CRM offers project management tools that will save your business money. Our integrated project management software gives your project managers complete control over every aspect of your project planning process.



Commence gives your project managers the ability to move between various task sections, edit and delete according to your needs, and mark tasks as done upon completion.

Commence lets you visualize the progress of your project from beginning to end, giving you a clear idea of where your company’s resources are going.

Using Commence allows you to work on other aspects of running your business, knowing that your team will be synchronized without your direct oversight.

Sort Tasks Categorically

Integrated project management software simplifies task delegation and order. Commence makes it easy to assign and sort project tasks based on level of importance, due date, project lead, or the status of the project.

Commence CRM project management software lets you shift tasks to different sections with the click of your mouse. You can also filter through tasks and projects, making it easy to keep a clear view of the task at hand.

Track the Status of Your Team’s Project

Commence project management software gives you the power to easily track your project.

You can add notes as your team comes up with new developments or completes each task. Commence saves these notes in the database for future reference, so you always have something to look back on.

You can keep every department in your organization up to date with the latest developments in every project thanks to the Commence CRM central communication hub. You can spread these developments to the rest of your team through Commence’s portal, making confusion and miscommunication a thing of the past and giving you more time to focus on the jobs that are most important to you.

Increase Your Chances of Closing the Sale

Commence lets you track and foster leads with the customer relationship management software. Reaching out to clients and customers is simpler than ever.

Commence CRM allows you to create estimates and quotes of a sale tailored to each client’s unique needs. You can predict the revenue your current project venture will accrue and the expenses it will acquire with the click of a button.

Even better, Commence tracks this data so you know how to translate it to a future project.

Commence allows your business to cater to your customer’s individual needs effortlessly. Each engagement you have with a customer is unique and Commence recognizes that.

The process of making the sale is broken down and simplified so managing individual contracts, companies, and vendors can be done in a moment’s notice and viewed at a glance.

Marketing toward each separate customer can take huge amount of time, but thanks to Commence, you can create a sales team and assign roles to each member that are the most pertinent to the customer you happen to be dealing with.

Make More Sales

Commence Transforms

Commence takes project management and allows any member of your team to share in any current goal.

Your project manager can make templates that can be reused for later projects. These templates will save you time and money in the future. This ability to save and reuse these templates can be instrumental for project managers. Using our project management tools you can accurately track and measure your success to make the process of project management an ever improving process.

Sometimes your team members aren’t always available for a job at the moment - and that’s okay. Even though Commence can be used on any device at home or work, there will be times when your team members are unavailable.

Commence’s easy communication tools makes it easy to reach out to the company, and get the job done, regardless of who might be unavailable for whatever reason.

Of course, one aspect that is important to your business is logging the hours everyone contributes. Whether the hours are billable or non-billable, they must be entered, and the interface is simple to use for your team members to enter from anywhere.

Commence CRM allows you the freedom to disregard scheduling conflicts. It’s no longer an issue if your project manager and the client have conflicting schedules. Commence lets clients make approvals and sign off on different projects. This level of transparency allows your clients to build trust in you and your process.

Profit Growth and Company Improvement

The most important thing, for you as the leader of your business, is making sure the company continues to make sales and grow as an organization.

With Commence, you can access and develop budgets for separate projects which can be viewed by each team member, while comparing the budget to the real-world cost.

You can manage your development team by giving time limits and setting expectations that are visible to everyone. This creates a level of transparency they will appreciate and will lead to the fostering of a small communities between departments.

You can convert the time it takes to complete tasks and projects into invoices which can then be billed directly to customers via Commence.

Lastly, you can send notifications either individually or to your entire group about changes in work. This gives you an edge in project development and lets your team stay on top of things.

Support Your Customers Better Than Anyone Else

Commence has developed a workflow for creating and viewing support tickets so that you never lose track of customers. Commence knows that customer service can be hectic, but we give you all the right tools to make the experience as smooth as possible. Our software ensures that any issues get resolved in a timely manner.

Eliminate lost sales from long phone wait times! Create tickets using client emails and get back to them at a time that works for the both of you. As their issue is resolved, Commence will send them notifications every step of the way.

CRM Business Strategy

No matter if you’re a well-established company or just getting started, maintaining a positive relationship with customers will drive your sales and profitability skywards.

Using Commence as your source for customer relationship management software is a strategy your business can use to improve itself in these ways:


Understanding existing customers' needs


Obtaining a 360-degree view of customers and prospects


Retaining customers through better customer experience and loyalty programs


Winning new clients and contracts


Increasing profitably


Attracting new customers


Decreasing customer management costs

You know that having a strategy is key in driving business. Commence is a tool for small business to enable growth while empowering them to optimize their work to achieve a higher end result.

Project Management Software

By definition, project management software is an “application or set of programs that help businesses support, improve, and automate their processes. Such software assist in eliminating errors, completing business tasks, reporting activities and increases overall efficiency and effectiveness.”

Project management software is a way to efficiently and easily manage your projects and customers in a way that specifically gets the results you need to drive your business. Commence’s project management software can help you reach your bottom line faster, making your business more profitable and effective.

Programs like Commence make it simple to organize customer information and manage the way you stay in contact with them. Today, project management software is one of the most important tools a business of any size can implement in its day-to-day operations. For instance, it provides your business with features such as:


Advanced collaboration tools


Gantt charts


Project planning


Agile support


Milestone tracking


Task completion tracking


Budget management


Portfolio management


Workflow reports

Commence remains the best choice for customer relationship management software because of its cloud-based functionality and low cost. It offers you all the features you want to see in CRM software at an unmatched price.

Cloud-based software is crucial to taking your work with you on the go, so that you'll never miss an opportunity with a client or a lead. Commence’s e-mail and file sharing lets you have all your messages in one place so you won’t miss an important message.

Stay in the loop at all times: we provide you with the communication tools which you need to drive sales and improve customer satisfaction.

If you’ve never used project management software before, Commence gives you an advantage as it is incredibly intuitive and easy to navigate.

You don’t have to be a graphic designer or a web developer to understand how to use Commence’s systems, its exceptional design and helpful customer service will provide you with the project management tools you need to get started on a successful path to smooth and effective project management.

Benefits of using Commence’s small business project software

There is an unlimited number of benefits to using Commence’s CRM software. Commence knows that when it comes to business, there are unlimited projects that go on, and you need a management solution that helps you oversee them. Commence is the solution.

Commence small business project management will provide a better experience for you, your project managers, their team, stakeholders, and customers. Complications in a project, such as a program error, can slow you down, and there is just no time for that. Commence is the collaboration tool if you want to save time and money on tracking your clients and sales.

Commence turns individual members into agile teams that can communicate and collaborate to build a more successful company. Developing project portfolios can be daunting and time consuming. However, this software makes it easy to plan and instigate successful projects.

When businesses begin using a CRM system like Commence, they realize the biggest benefit is having all the data stored in one place which is easily accessible from any location. Before the advent of software like this, customer data was stored on any number of systems, from hand written memos and calendar dates to saved messages in a cell phone to e-mail and Word documents.

Now, software such as Commence gives you access to every bit of data without worrying if you’re in the office or at home. The fact that all data is saved in one place and can be searched by any member of your team means that projects, development, and collaboration can be done in a much shorter amount of time and with a greater degree of communication.

Time Tracking

Commence CRM software offers helpful tools for time tracking so that you know exactly what is going into your projects at any given time. You aren’t kept in the dark, and this allows you to have the oversight needed to effectively manage your team and their work.

With Commence helping you track time spent on a project, you can spend more time planning other things while your team successfully works through the plan you have set.

Commence’s program isn’t just great for tracking the time it takes to complete certain tasks and projects. Commence also notifies your clients when bills are due, improving overall communication and saving you valuable time and headspace.

Budgeting hours and taking care of time slips can be tedious and time consuming, but with the help of Commence’s centralized software program, you can organize all of that in no time.

Commence’s project management software can help track individual tasks so you know exactly where your resources are going. This drives profits and increases sales, which is exactly what you’re looking for.

Using Commence makes it easier for your team members to track the time they put into a project using online timesheets. Whether it is activities, meetings, projects, contracts, or customers, Commence can help you take care of managing the time your team spends on the clock.

Time and expense tracking is by far one of the most important aspects of running your business, and you don’t want to waste any time trying to figure out where your resources are going.

Commence makes is simple to stay on top of your teams while giving them the freedom to collaborate freely and share ideas. Commence helps build your business while also building you a solid team that will work better, not harder.

Management Tools

Commence CRM software has the tools you need to manage yourself and the people who work with you with its helpful project management system. Tracking the progress of a project is key to making sure goals are being met and no time is wasted. Commence’s software is simple and clean, meaning you spend more time working on what you want to do rather than navigating a confusing or crowded interface.

Commence gives you features such as resource planning, expense tracking, and document management to make task assignment much easier.

Project scheduling has never been easier. Commence will streamline whatever processes that go into planning, scheduling, and executing projects and contracts

Project Planning

Perhaps you’ve tried different kinds of software to manage your small business. Commence’s product bundles together different project management tools such as time tracking, to-do lists, and task assignment to make your job as a manager easier.

Commence’s all in one interface allows you to easily access every part of your project’s plan through its homepage. Whether you want to log on and checking those first few email updates, or wrap up the final phone call, you can track how you and your team works together so that when it comes time to the next project, you’ll know exactly what to do.

One of the best aspects of Commence’s ability to help you in task and project planning is the ability to create easy to read and easy to use Gantt charts. Gantt charts lay out the activities that need to be done and the amount of time that each activity needs to be finished in a visually appealing and clear manner. Having the tasks and schedule organized like this gives you the ability to check on a project’s progress at a glance.

Gantt charts are a method of viewing various activities against time. Essentially, it is a great way to schedule your to-do list while giving you an overlay of how long the different tasks will last (and how long they’re supposed to last). Gantt charts also give you a graphic representation of when each one project task begins and ends, overlap between different tasks, and the start and end date of the entire project.

Like a Gantt chart, Commence’s project management software can do the same thing for you by laying out what you need to do, letting you set up various time frames for task completion, and sharing every file and memo with every member of your team.

Plan For More Efficiency

Online Project Management

The advent of the internet has made managing projects a breeze. At one point in time scheduling, timetables, and responding to customers could take almost as much time as actually setting down to work on the project. Now, with the help of Commence, online project management is a surefire way to maximize your time, leaving you with more energy for other projects.

You always want to stay a step ahead of your competitors, and Commence knows that better than anyone. Commence will ensure your company stays leagues ahead of the competition. With Commence's ability to collect customer data then repurpose this data for cross selling to those same customers, this will not be a close race.

Online Projects

Project collaboration is easy to achieve with this program. Everyone knows that the best way to build a company’s success is cohesion among team members, effective management, and stakeholders who are invested in the project and businesses success.

You can work remotely while still having access to what others are doing in real time. Commence has mobile CRM so that team members can access important information from their smartphone or tablet. Work doesn’t always happen in the office or in front of a desktop, and having the ability to manage on the go makes better use of your time.

With the help of social media tools and blog posts, Commence CRM makes reaching out to existing and future customers a breeze. This makes your business more accessible and gives you a personal touch that other business won’t be able to compete on. Customers and clients will be able to tell the difference between the way that they are treated by your business and your competition. This will drive sales, referrals, and overall customer satisfaction.

Project Management Tools

Commence’s management tools includes portfolio management, resource management, and collaboration tools such as file sharing. There are a number of project management tools that are crucial to plotting your team’s path to success. Commence acts as an aid to help use these tools, like the Gantt chart tool discussed above.

Other project management tools you can use through Commence are:

Logic Networks

Logic networks are used to plan and implement projects as they progress in a linear fashion. As the name states, they logically show how one activity follows another in the project planning journey. Highlights in the use of logic networks include defining milestones, dependencies, how long each task will take, and how the project moves along.

Work Breakdown Structure

WBS for short, the work breakdown structure breaks down what your team needs to do in order to complete their project. It makes the delegation of tasks manageable and prevents team members from feeling overwhelmed. It breaks down cost and specifies assignments for clarification. This is by far one of the most useful tools and a basis for project planning.

PERT Charts

PERT charts - short for program evaluation and review technique - is a way to analyze the task that falls under the umbrella of the project, especially when it comes to estimating how long each tasks will take and figuring out the least amount of time needed to complete the entire project.

Product Breakdown Structure

Also called the PBS, a product breakdown structure is a “hierarchical tree structure of components” that shows a perfect finished project looks like. It breaks the work down to show individual parts to help clarify the goals within your team’s project.

Project Management

The main purpose of Commence’s project management software is to make your job as a small- to mid-sized business owner simpler. There are a number of ways you can use project management software, though its main use is to manage the various details of project planning and track the numerous moving parts that go into it. Not only that, it gives you the chance to easily see where your resources and time are going so you can make adjustments to your planning as needed.

Some of the tools that Commence’s project management software can provide you are:

Project planning

Set schedules and timelines for your expectations and keep everyone involved fully aware of changes at a moment’s notice. The project manager can use the software to make charts, graphs, and map out the checklist on the road to project completion. It is also a great way to lay out visuals to explain various interactions.

Task management

This gives you easy access to the creation and delegation of tasks, setting of deadlines, and viewing the status of reports. Commence’s CRM software makes it easier than ever to manage various aspects of your business. With helpful planning tools, it streamlines task and project completion, so you have more time to focus on your customers.

Document Sharing and Collaboration

You want to keep your stakeholders in the know. CRM software makes it easy for them to access documents and track the projects process as it progresses, leading to increased productivity and greater payoff.

Calendar and contact sharing

A shared calendar that everyone can access will keep everyone up to date on any changes and progress that occurs for the duration of the project. Timelines, meetings, and other important dates update automatically on everyone’s shared calendars.

Bug and error management

Project management software sends alerts when any bugs or errors are reported. Stakeholders can then be updated as they are fixed.

Time tracking

Built-in time tracking gives you the ability to maintain records for third party consultants and future project managers.

Save Time Now

Project Management and Management Tools

Commence isn’t just amazing at working with coworkers and members of your teams. You can also use it to easily aid customers with questions and concerns. It has a ticket management system that allows customers to be heard and understood, thereby retaining their loyalty and ensuring a smooth experience for all parties involved.

Commence takes all the tools you would use to organize a project such as Gantt charts, and to-do lists and consolidates them in one easy-to-use website.

Project Managements and Tools

Time and expense tools give you an edge over your competition. Rather than juggling between using paper and computer systems, Commence puts it all at your fingertips.

Commence’s software takes part of the load of managing customers, clients, and team members so you have more time to focus on what you want to do. There are several aspects of project management that Commence helps to simplify.


Efficient use of resources. Whether or not you’re a large organization or a lean startup, your resources are limited. Commence recognizes that, through planning, you as the head of your team are the primary decision maker and the distribution of resources will allow your business to succeed in its goals. Your team members look to you for guidance, and when they see you using the right tools, they’ll know how to implement the objectives you have in mind. With the help of Commence’s project managing software, productivity in your business will soar when your team is on the same page and everyone has the same goal in mind.


Establishing Goals. Commence will help you achieve the goals you have in mind for your business. Commence recognizes that an important part of the planning process is pushing you and your team to succeed. They will help you in your organization so everyone knows their duties and can contribute. Setting goals means looking at past results compared to your current ones and Commence aids in that by saving and tracking your company’s work as it progresses.


Risk Management. The success of your company is tied to risk management. Any organization, big or small, is unable to manage everything that goes on around them. Unpredictable events happen, no matter how much you prepare for them. Your job as a manager is to deal with these variables before the negative consequences set in. Using Commence for risk management is a smart move. Mapping out the numerous problems you could have with a project will help you and your team adjust your strategy if something consequential happens.


Team Building. This is perhaps the most critical part to making a company great. Commence will help you with team building by allowing open communication that prevents delays and other things that can be a detriment to your work. Commence makes it so you can explicitly let your team members know their specific duties and what aspects of the project they are responsible for. It builds accountability for your company and shows clients and customers your business is responsible and can take care of their needs. Commence will let everyone see how their part in the plan contributes to one another’s success and the business they work. This lets them be proud of their contributions. Commence isn’t just for you to delegate, it opens a two way street where your team members can share their ideas and their own goals to build a better project.


Creating Competitive Advantages. Commence recognizes that when businesses plan, they get a real time view of their strengths and weaknesses at that moment compared to their competition. As a manager, you can view competitor’s weaknesses from the outside and in turn develop a strategy to take advantage of those weaknesses. Being able to observe the actions of rival companies can aid you in identifying other opportunities you may not have noticed.

An online project manager tool like Commence makes planning and executing that much easier. A major part of the success of any project is knowing how to correctly establish the steps needed to finish a project.

Managing Projects

Your project portfolio can be easily accessed by you and anyone you authorize as an administrator in Commence’s CRM. Letting others take the lead on projects is a good way to prevent yourself from micromanaging and gives your team the chance to develop their leadership skills.

Easy document sharing and editing techniques in Commence lets those in your group feel like they are truly a part of something bigger than the sum of its parts. You want your company to grow, and that will happen when you allow all team members to share in that growth.

Commence helps you become the best manager possible. Its integrated user interface gives you the management solutions you want so that you and your sales, marketing and support team are always on top of things.

Commence is the number one way to make sure you and your team succeeds. A company isn’t built upon the success of one person. Instead, success is a matter of what each member can contribute. The internet has given small and mid-sized businesses a chance to be a winning organization in todays faced-paced economy.

Commence offers all the benefits of software that costs thousands of dollars but remains at an affordable price.

We care about seeing you grow.

By purchasing Commence’s CRM and project management software, you give your business a chance to compete with larger ones. It’s an exciting opportunity, and they know you can succeed.

From small projects to detailed ones, Commence will help you get the job done right.

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