By CommenceCRM

Best Sales Management Tools for Small Business

Small to mid-size businesses are finally paying very close attention to managing the sales process and are in desperate need of easy to use sales tools for automating the sales cycle and reporting on pipeline activity.

While there are a number of CRM software programs that offer sales cycle management one of the best ones for small to mid-size companies is Commence CRM.  What makes Commence so popular is simply how easy it is to use.  Commence does not require pages and pages of data entry and provides just about everything a sales person needs right from the product’s sales dashboard.  This has made the adoption of the product very high among sales representatives across all industries.

From the sales dashboard (see image below) a sales representative can enter a new lead, a new opportunity, a new account, schedule follow-up activities and manage the sales pipeline or funnel without leaving the screen.


Sales Dashboard

Using a set of pre-built analytical reports sales management can follow each opportunity through the pipeline and take a proactive approach to help win the sale.

sales-dashboard2-commence-crm (1)

Graphical and spreadsheet view of sales by stage

In addition to the ease of use reported by sales professionals Commence CRM provides a complete cloud based sales and lead management system for just $15 per user per month.  To learn more see the sales CRM feature video at https://commencefrodev.wpengine.com/sales-opportunity/