By CommenceCRM

Is Your Business Implementing Workflow or Workarounds?

Small to mid-size businesses often struggle to automate their internal business processes and tend to use workarounds rather than automate workflow.

Workflow can be viewed as a series of steps that are required to complete a task from initiation to completion.

These tasks can be found throughout an organization from administration and sales down to the shipping department, and can impact sales execution and customer service. Because workflow tasks are often repetitive in nature they can be easily automated.  Easy-to-use, affordable CRM software programs like Commence CRM do an excellent job of automating internal workflow processes such as:

  • automatically scheduled and assigned task lists
  • sales processes
  • lead qualification
  • drip marketing
  • proposal generation
  • and even the process of distributing sample products

By automating internal business processes companies can improve internal communication, increase employee productivity and run their business more efficiently.

Sales Process Automation

One of the strengths of CRM programs like Commence is realized through automating the workflow associated with your sales process.  Commence allows you to define the steps associated with selling a product or service, then track and proactively manage the progress of each sales opportunity.  By doing this your business can better define real business opportunities and more accurately forecast monthly and quarterly revenue.

The screen shot below outlines a series of steps in the sales cycle that are managed using the built-in workflow tools in Commence CRM.


Sample workflow for managing the stages of the selling cycle

The screen shot below provides a graphical representation of the number of opportunities and dollar amounts in each stage of the selling cycle.


For more information about Commence CRM and its automated workflow processes visit the company’s website at commenceaug202.wpengine.com.