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Customer satisfaction is the key component to the growth and success of any business. For more than 20 years Commence has delivered high quality customer management software and world class service that has enabled our customers to improve business performance. This partnership has motivated customers to recommend and endorse our solutions which has resulted in the continued growth and expansion of our business. Today several thousand companies in 30 industries and more than a dozen countries around the world rely on Commence software every day to manage their customer relationships.

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Commence CRM is an excellent easy to use CRM tool that has helped us to capture and manage customer profiles, properly manage new leads, and put a structure around our sales process. The company support has been great. That’s it.


Dan Maynard, Hospitality Technology Partners

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We needed a CRM solution that could track leads, sales and service tickets, generate e-mail marketing campaigns and provide extensive reporting. Commence CRM has delivered. The product is robust, flexible and the support staff has been exceptional.


Jerry Persson, Vice President – Corporate Sales

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This past year we have made substantial strides in using the Commence product to improve our internal business processes. The key however wasn’t just the products robust features and flexibility, but the extremely competent staff that Commence provided that were truly focused on addressing our needs. I would like to thank Commence Corporation for the excellent support we have received. We have been delighted to work with them.


Lila Barnhurst, Marketing Administrator

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Commence CRM’s has been a powerful, customizable and reliable solution. The products functionality, flexibility and support has enabled us to automate our business processes, become more efficient with managing customer relationships and improve both performance and quality control. Customer support has been excellent.


Brett Stauning, Information Management Systems


We selected Commence CRM because the product offered a robust set of functionality and the flexibility to address our unique business requirements. The customer support and on-boarding services Commence provided was top shelf. It has been an easy transition because of this and afforded us a rapid return on our investment. Commence has become a true partner of SRI.


Justin Gecewicz, SRI Fire Sprinkler, LLC


We are thrilled with Commence and it serves us very well. We have customized the product around our very specific and unique business model and business processes, spread out over 10 locations and it has enabled us to compete effectively with companies that are much larger than us. A hearty thank you, to the entire Commence team, for your continued support and outstanding service.


Mike Tonneson, Arcadia


I would like to commend Commence on the reliability and unique capabilities of their product, as well as the excellent technical and customer support they provide. We consider Commence one of our most highly valued and appreciated vendors.


Alan Kusinitz, Managing Partner, Software CPR


We have been using Commence CRM software for more than a decade and it’s been the most reliable rock solid software for managing teams of people.


Marc Oglesby, Sales Manager, Hewlett Packard


Commence is hands down the very best CRM solution on the market for small-to-medium sized businesses. My relationship with Commence is what I wish I had with all my vendors. I can't recommend them highly enough.


Melinda K. Spille, Director of Marketing, Weight Watchers


What we liked about Commence CRM was how robust and customizable it was as compared to similarly priced products. Commence is a powerful tool that integrates marketing, sales and lead management seamlessly. Commence support has been amazing with a friendly knowledgeable staff eager to help.


Mary Nicolazzo, Canada East Equipment Dealers’ Association


Commence gave us a one-stop solution to organize our Customer Accounts and Leads. The Customer Support Team has been great and guided us in tailoring the Commence solution around our business model.


Chris Kovelan, Chief Operations Officer, RYO Services LLC


Commence is a big part of our company’s success. It is a high quality system and the customer service we receive is just as amazing. I always get a solution to my request or problem the same day.


Regina Ruby, Director of Operations, California Employers Association


I have been using Commence software for years and it is an important tool for our business. Commence provides excellent customer service and has a customer base that is devoted to the product – it’s more like the devotion you see in Apple users.


John Menzies, Euromax Resources, Euromax Resources London, UK


We did trials of several CRM solutions and found Commence to be not only full featured, but the most intuitive and easy to use of the group. The Commence system has dramatically improved our entire Marketing, Sales and Customer Support


Paddy Moore, COO QlikPower, QlikPower, Ireland


Commence is a winner! We have had nothing but amazing support with Commence, and they have created a customized CRM that has become an integral part of the business. We couldn’t have become the successful business that we are without it.


Stefany Brown, Nutritional Consultant, Standard Process of Central Florida


Commence has been instrumental in keeping us organized. The ability to log calls and meetings, schedule appointments and filter by numbers and cities while on the road enables us to store and retrieve useful contact information as needed. The Commence representatives are always helpful, knowledgeable and willing to spend the extra time to assist us.


Audrey Taylor, Sales Representative, MediHerb


After a review of several solutions we chose Commence CRM. We found the program to be functionality rich, affordable and easy to use. In addition, the Commence staff was very helpful during the evaluation process. We have certainly improved our internal efficiency because of the Commence product and their staff.


Kara Moore, Fiberpol, Inc.


Commence, is the most user friendly, logical and pretty system that I have ever used. Like an i-pod, Commence was intuitive in its operation. I will stop ranting now, but I just wanted to let you know how bloody fabulous Commence is.


Tony Line Senior Consultant, HR GO Accountancy Recruitment


After reviewing several web based CRM solutions we selected Commence based on the company’s impressive track record, strong customer references and product features that seem to differentiate Commence from the pack. We are quite pleased with our decision.


George Mulling Managing Partner, CapGenic Advisors, LLC


We have found Commence to be remarkably stable and the company has offered excellent support. I consider the product an ideal information management tool."


Bryan Kiehl, Vice President, GenBio


Commence has provide us with the solution we need to manage our sales and marketing activities in a format that is easy to understand and use. Commence has also been flexible enough that we have been able to customize and maintain it without having to rely on external consultants. We are using Commence every day to improve our effectiveness. We are very satisfied and I would recommend Commence to any company looking to improve communication with their customers.


Keith W. Torrance, Director of Marketing, YKK (USA) Inc.


After a four-month search, we choose Commence because it offered a high degree of flexibility. We were able to quickly setup and deploy the program with a minimal amount of training, then make changes as needed “on the fly”. We are using Commence for publishing system event and downtime notifications, project management, calendaring, and a host of other things. Very pleased with our decision.


Kevin Delsite, IS Technical Specialist , Evangelical Community Hospital


The flexibility of Commence was the main reason we purchased the product and it has met our past and continues to meet our present requirements. Service and support from Commence has been exceptional for the five years we have been using the product. The technical support staff is knowledgeable, polite, professional and extremely helpful.


Steven Palange, President & CEO, TLIC Worldwide, Inc.


Commence is the backbone of our solution and customers are always impressed with the workflow efficiencies we are able to provide. The strength of Commence is the products flexibility, which has enabled us to be extremely competitive and achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.


Alan J. Sims, President & CEO , System 451


Commence Corporation is a rare example of reliability, value and performance. When I think of Commence I think of integrity. The company offers a robust solution backed by a staff of experienced people.


Manjit Syven Birk, The True North


We had three specific requirements for the selection of a CRM system. First, a quality product from a company with a track record for successful implementations of their product and a return on investment. Next a trusted hosting service so that our data was protected. Lastly, a company that you could call and get assistance when required. Commence has met all three expectations. The product is much more robust then similar offerings, the hosting service is best in class and the customer support has been excellent. I highly recommend Commence CRM.


Hans Wegman, Memocom


This CRM is perfect for any type of business involving people. The cloud based computing makes it that much easier to manage clients. Well done!


Evan Moran, CPP


We needed a solution for managing our customers, new leads and the sales process. We found Commence to be easy to navigate and use and very easy to customize on our own. This was very important to use as we did not want to hear that we have to spend a lot more money to tailor the system. They have provided excellent support with a knowledgeable and friendly staff. We are pleased with the value we have gotten from Commence CRM.


Mike Pieretti, WT Audio Installations


We were looking for a system that would become our core process for automating and managing sales. Our use of Commence CRM has done several things for us. First, it helped us to streamline our sales process from initial prospecting and logging of information to document management, quoting, support incidents and contract administration. Our decision to purchase Commence CRM was primarily based on its easy GUI and customizable views of information. I highly recommend this company and its product. Commence CRM has saved us perhaps $300k/year for 12 years, or a little over $3 million.


Peter Shoon, CEO , System Support Solutions


I bought Commence as a CRM solution for managing accounts, contacts and sales. The product is very good, has a robust feature set yet is intuitive and easy to use. It was also less expensive than others we looked at. I have now added the customer service application which we had planned from the start but held off until we were satisfied with Commence. The application is good and fully integrated with the rest of the CRM applications. It’s also considerably less expensive than competitive offerings.


Mike, Thompson


We've been using Commence CRM for some time. It handles our in-house ticketing (reserved seating and general admission), rental events, estimates and invoices, patron database, rental client database, events calendars, employee scheduling, reporting, and so much more. It is solid, feature-filled, quick to learn, and incredibly flexible. Customer support is superb.


Paul Miller, Liberty Performing Arts Theatre


Commence OnDemand CRM works best for us because you can keep things simple, or go as deep as you need to with regard to day-to-day operations, sales tracking/projections and contact management. The features and tools in Commence software work the way you would expect them to. The difference with Commence is their support. With one call or email you're in direct contact with people who can handle any level of support, from application questions, to custom reports, and they are quick and polite about too ! This is what world class support is all about !


Frank Sarcia


Commence has been a great partner for us and has done amazing work to support our business requirements.


Dennis Kasper, Managing Director, Information Technology, HARTLAND


We are excited to be on board with Commence CRM. The company took the time to fully understand our needs then did a fantastic job implementing the program and tailoring it to our requirements. We are realizing immediate value. Commence has been a true partner and their service has been nothing short of great.


Bob Schubert, President, The Comtel Group


We are a large Real Estate firm and use Commence CRM for our business. It has been an excellent tool with good functionality that is not over designed. Very good filtering tools to get at data. Customization is a breeze and the speed in which the product operates is great. Cost per user is very affordable and customer support has been excellent. We have not used any software that has matched its usefulness.


Paul Elias, SVP, JBG Smith


We use Commence CRM to pretty much run our entire business operations including Customer Management, Sales and Opportunity Management, Sales History,Forecasts, Lead Management, Reporting and more. What we really appreciate is the flexibility of the product where we can make changes as our business requirements grow. This would be extremely costly with other systems. In addition, Commence has delivered top notch customer support in several instances where we ran into some glitches caused by user error.


Dave Marchant, Operations Manager, Max Technical Sales


I would like to convey just how much I appreciate the Commence product and how valuable it is in my day-to-day activities. I have used Commence for contact and project management my personal finances, calendar activities, as a software/hardware resource management tool, for software license maintenance and many other work related tasks. Commence is a critical software product that I use daily in my work for a leading petroleum software company. Thanks again for a fine product….


Steve Mann, Consultant, P2Energy Solutions


We selected Commence CRM as a solution for managing customer relationships and tracking our sales activity. The shared calendar does a good job of allowing internal staff to coordinate and schedule appointments and vacations. We also use it as our main dispatch calendar for our field technicians who provide on-site service and repair. Lastly, it is a great tool for customizing our event attendee lists, for use with tracking this information, as well as sending invitations. Commence is easy to use, extremely customizable and remotely accessible. We have been a customer for several years and the customer support has been excellent.


Sheena Williams, System Administrator, Koester

Finances Online

Commence CRM is great. You can start with the basics and add modules for project management, customer service and marketing at any time and at an affordable rate. The product offers robust functionality and the vendor provides top notch customer support with knowledgeable and helpful agents. The system is intuitive and easy to use and e-mail integration and reporting work well. We we plan on adding more users in the future.


Priscilla, Finances Online

The Clubs Group

Commence CRM has been great. One of the reasons I like the product so much is that I can customize the CRM database for the business and tweak it as I go along without being a programmer. I am a marketing person with analytical skills and mind set. Commence is ideal for smaller businesses that do not have a technical staff because it’s so easy to use and the support is excellent. We have been using it for over 12 years.


Ozair Esmail, CMO

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Commence CRM is an excellent product coupled with a team of highly experienced sales, marketing and service professionals that have helped us get the maximum value from their software. I have worked with the company’s CEO who is one of the most knowledgeable professionals in the CRM market. Highly recommend.


Lonnie L. Sciambi, President

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Commence CRM provides a unique combination of power and ease of use. It offers robust functionality and can be easily tailored to meet unique business requirements. Customer support has been excellent. We highly recommend the product and the company.


Peter Forster, MD

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I have used several CRM products over the years and have found Commence CRM to be head and shoulders above other products at their price point. The flexibility coupled with its ease of use has made it a critical component of our business. We use it for sales and all customer interaction. Customer support has been very good, a knowledgeable and friendly staff.


Jerome Staverosky, CEO


We have realized tremendous value from Commence CRM. Its comprehensive and so flexible that it has enabled us to make modifications to the software to meet our unique and changing business requirements. We are very happy with the product and the support staff has been excellent.


Randy Richter, Founder and CEO

Local 510/District Council 36 IUPAT

We selected Commence for our CRM system. We love the product's functionality and customizability and the Commence team was top-notch when it comes to customer service. They listened to our needs and helped us tailor the database to our specific requirements. They worked with our IT team and were diligent in their work to ensure a successful implementation. We appreciated their honesty and professionalism. They exceeded our expectations.


Annette Dosier, Local 510/District Council 36 IUPAT

My Law Firm has been using Commence CRM for many years, and we love it! I often tell people it's my "right arm." We use it for case management, shared calendar, address and phone book, to-do list, and as a tool for managing our customer relationships. It's a very powerful relational database with none of the hassles which come with "normal" database programs. Over the years I've come to love how easy it is to use. Adding fields, adjusting reports, modifying screen displays, and connecting categories of data require virtually no effort. Another thing we appreciate is how rock-solid the underlying code is: we never lost any data and feel very confident that we never will. Finally, though we rarely needed it, we always get great customer support and personal attention from all the staff at Commence. We highly recommend the company.


Clay Patrick & Associates, Attorneys at Law


We were looking for a CRM solution to manage customers, business partners and prospects. After an exhaustive effort we found Commence CRM. The uniqueness here was the ability to segment customers and prospects into mini databases by unique characteristics so that we could manage them separately. We had not seen this in other products, and it was very important for our specific business. We have been using the product for two years and are very pleased with our decision. The Commence staff has been excellent, always available, friendly, and has provided us with excellent customer service. I recommend Commence without reservation.


Howard Meltzer, CEO

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