Commence CRM for Financial Services

If you want to grow your business and build customer loyalty you need a CRM system built for the financial services industry that will enable you to deliver exceptional service and provide quality advice. This requires the ability to Capture, Track, Manage and Share vital customer information with the people that interact with customers and prospects each and every day.

Commence CRM provides a single centralized database that captures a complete customer profile along with contacts, notes, activities, documents, e-mail correspondence and service history. Commence CRM also manages deal flow including, the type of deal, the stage in the sales cycle, the forecasted amount, the estimated close date, the probably of closure, what services are being offered, who the competition is and if a proposal has been submitted. In addition, you can generate targeted marketing campaigns based on product or service or where each prospect is in the sales cycle.

While most CRM systems are good at capturing information, Commence CRM takes this to a higher level, by not only capturing and sharing customer data, but providing decision making analytics to help plan and build investment strategies. Graphical reporting provides a snapshot of business activity enabling management to make decision based on real time data.

Commence CRM has proven to automate all customer facing processes while improving visibility and communication across the entire organization. This ensures your future business growth while enabling you to build long lasting customer relationships.

Key Features of Commence CRM:

  • Custom Dashboards
  • Activity Management
  • Notes & History
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Ticket Management
  • Web Site integration
  • Account & Contact Management
  • Lead Scoring
  • Reminders & Alerts
  • Document Library
  • E-Mail Integration
  • Custom Reporting
  • Calendaring
  • Opportunity Management
  • MS Outlook & Google Sync
  • Project Management
  • Customer Portal
  • Analytics