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Industry Analyst Group Capterra Says Commence CRM – Among The 10 Most Popular CRM Solutions

Commence CRM is ideal for small businesses because it offers more functionality and flexibility than traditional low cost cookie cutter solutions, but without the cost and complexity of industry giants.


Businesses Using Commence Cloud CRM
Software Report 14 to 21% Increase in Sales
in the First 9 Months

If your CRM isn’t accelerating sales, why do you have it? Commence CRM software has a proven track record of helping customers enhance sales by automating sales and customer relationship management. We achieve this by providing a full set of tools that encompass contact management, lead management, sales opportunity management, activity management, marketing campaign management, customer service, project management, and more.

Each feature is tightly integrated to help you grow your business faster by managing existing and potential customers from a single solution that breaks down information silos. The seamless ecosystem allows you insight into every customer and lead interaction across your organization with powerful analytics and reporting features. Customizable reports combined with graphical representations of current sales, marketing efforts and customer service information enables management to make effective decisions based on a clear picture of the organization’s needs and strengths.

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We don’t just sell CRM software – we are committed to helping you get sales. We’re here to help you implement best practices around sales and customer service that result in overall improved business performance. Commence CRM is a robust affordable solution with an experienced support staff that ensures the most bang for your buck.


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Manage Tasks
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Plan, organize and
manage projects,
tasks, resources,
and timesheets
with ease.

Track Customer

Make customer
service a competitive
advantage by
facilitating fast
response time.

Commence CRM Software is Simple and Intuitive to Use

But Comes with Every Feature you Could Possibly Imagine

Every company has unique needs that are often not being met by basic CRM offerings, but premium CRM
software comes with a convoluted interface and a hefty price tag. Skip the complicated interface and the
premium cost. Commence Cloud CRM enables businesses to strike just the right balance:

premium features at an affordable cost with an intuitive interface

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Designed for the small business user who wants to start improving the bottom-line immediately, Commence Cloud CRM Software has a streamlined onboarding process where you can get up and running in minutes. As you dig deeper and discover new features and how they fit into your business growth strategy, you can continue expanding the solution yourself – without having to engage IT.


I am not a programmer; I am a marketer and administrator, and I can create, modify and change Commence to suit my needs. I am sure you can too.

- Commence CRM customer since 2015


Integrate your Business

Bring Sales, Marketing, and Support together to Streamline Front-Office
Business Operations within a Single, Seamless Solution

Break down information silos between Sales, Marketing, and Support with our powerful dashboard that provides a snapshot of activities throughout the organization. Your goal is to grow your business - you can only do that if you’re not bogged down by the details of managing software for each separate business function. Let Commence Cloud CRM handle front-office processes for you, while you refocus your attention on business strategy.

Automate your lead generation processes, plan marketing campaigns to nurture leads, and win at customer success by maintaining and analyzing every customer interaction. Commence manages this journey end-to-end for you – from lead to repeat customer and beyond – by providing a variety of third-party integrations with email providers, accounting software, and other business applications.

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Does Your Business Require More than a Basic CRM
Solution, but without the Cost and Complexity of the
Industry Giants?

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Customer Profiling System

Your customers are your business and deserve your attention. Get a holistic view of customer data to address their concerns with context. View account, sales, and service history for every customer to create personalized customer success strategies and build brand loyalty.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Customer Segmentation System

Segment customers by company size, account revenue, fulfillment cost, service level requirements, profitability, upsell potential, and customer retention probability. The customer segmentation feature allows you to build customer-centric sales strategies and prioritize accounts and amount of time spent.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Sales Tracking System

Tracking every aspect of the sales process usually requires multiple tools. With Commence Cloud CRM software for small businesses, you can track lead interactions, create associated to-dos, mark events on integrated Outlook or Gmail calendars, and see exactly where opportunities are in your sales pipeline at any given moment.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Ticket Management System

Provide a secure portal to your customers where they can access your knowledge base articles and FAQs, or instantly create a ticket if they’re unable to find relevant answers. Commence allows you to provide premium support by capturing complete service history, equipping you with the best tools for customer success.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Small Business Project Management

Break away from the siloed approach to project management with Commence. Get a 360-degree customer profile view to integration customer information in your project from a single screen, create project templates to automate repetitive tasks, and use Gantt charts to get a macro view of your projects – without logging into any other tool.

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Real-time Interactive Dashboards

Build Your Own Dashboards to Organize Customer
Data Any Way You Want

Designed as an agile cloud-based customer relationship management software, Commence Cloud CRM focuses on getting you data you want instantly, without hassle, presented in an easily digestible manner. With a single click, you can create a dashboard of your most important information and organize the data the way you want it. The CRM dashboard allows you to perform ninety percent of your daily activities without ever leaving the screen. This makes Commence CRM extremely easy to use for even novice PC, Apple Mac, or smartphone users.

crm for small business
Benefits and Features:
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Full personalization
  • Multiple views
  • Sales analysis
  • Built-in email composer
  • Alerts and notifications

Personalize your Commence CRM dashboard to only see relevant information at first-glance, with customer interactions and changes in sales lifecycle displayed in real-time. Personalized dashboarding allows you to create multiple views to get analytical snapshot of your customer base from a variety of perspectives. Our customers love this feature, allowing them to switch between dashboards view with a click and decide where to drill deeper for the day’s work. Miss nothing, streamline sales, and save time when you can see exactly what you want to see instantly.


Bring together every front-office business process within Commence dashboards. Manage to-do’s, pending sales opportunities, alerts, overdue activities, service tickets, new leads, company news, even an interactive sales funnel - all on your personal dashboard.

Account and Contact Management

Make Contact, Build Relationships, Measure Results –
And Sell More

small business crm

Capture, track, manage, and share vital customer information with the people and departments that need it to efficiently do their jobs, including account and contact details, service tickets, opportunities, documents, quotes, pending and completed activities, notes, e-mail, history and more. A single unified database ensures information is immediately available without having to move from system to system and the data is accessible 24/7 from any device; PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone.

The ability to make unlimited customizations, without requiring any programming, is a key differentiator with Commence account and contact management module. Add custom fields to profile your accounts and contacts better, create unlimited customer views to explore your accounts from multiple dimensions and cover every base, generate custom reports to gain customer management insights to improve relationships, and build search filters that you can save and reuse later to make relevant customer data available at your fingertips.


With Commence, you don’t need to scroll through pages upon pages of account and contact information or switch between multiple applications and screens. A single screen, accessible from mobile or desktop, consolidates key account information and all its components succinctly. This allows you to focus on nurturing and maintaining contacts with the right data, rather than getting lost in the details. Automation with precision is key.

Benefits and Features:
  • Consolidated view of account and contact data
  • Integrate multiple systems and import data
  • Synchronize Outlook and Gmail calendars
  • Role-based security and permissions
  • Access your data anytime, anywhere
  • Create unlimited custom fields

Sales and Opportunity Management

Manage Each Sales Opportunity from Lead to

Win more sales with Commence CRM’s graphical roadmap to deal closure, guiding your teams through the sales funnel, intelligently point out associated challenges and obstacles, and key events and actions. The simple and intuitive interface ensures your sales reps don’t have to spend time performing administrative tasks and can instead keep their eyes on the prize. Say goodbye to missed opportunities with premium sales lifecycle management and streamlined workflow processes.

Benefits and Features:
  • Manage every aspect of the sales cycle end-to-end
  • Record interactions and maintain sales cycle history
  • Set up workflows to automate deal management
  • Identify opportunity movement with interactive sales funnel
  • Create and email quotes and associate them to opportunities
  • Generate comprehensive reports and view graphical analytics

Even your most senior sales representatives can lose focus and neglect basic sales principles when working on many opportunities simultaneously, but not with Commence CRM. Keep creating opportunities and let Commence worry about managing the data and helping you make sense of it so you can close faster and better. The built-in report generator and data visualization component ensures the team has complete visibility into customer sales cycles.

Lead Management

Capture, Manage, and Close Leads across Multiple


Start turning leads into sales for your business with Commence cloud CRM’s lead management system. Capture leads from multiple sources, including your website, and properly qualify them using our built-in lead rating and scoring system. Manage and track all activity from qualified leads, schedule follow-up appointments and place the unqualified ones back into the marketing campaign management program.

With built-in lead scoring features, you can create complex workflows to automate the lead journey towards qualification, without someone from your team hand-holding each lead. Configure workflows to add leads to interest-specific marketing campaigns once a specific lead score is reached; or send a qualification alert to your sales reps so they can take over and start building contextual relationships.


Commence CRM allows you profile leads and assign automated follow-up email campaigns based on lead group. Qualify with one click or define rules to send marketing collateral automatically to your leads. The end-result is simple: you will either find if a lead is genuinely interested in your product, in which case qualification is largely automated; or the lead is just exploring and not looking to buy at this point, in which case you will have equipped them with information they can use later.

Benefits and Features:
  • Import website leads directly with built-in web forms
  • Qualify opportunities with lead scoring/rating features
  • Convert qualified leads into sales opportunities with one click
  • Assign leads instantly with rule-based workflow creation
  • Automatically import leads from any third-party source
  • Schedule pre-defined programs for hot, warm, and cold leads

Marketing Campaign Management

Create Smarter Campaigns that Drive Traffic with
Built-in Campaign Management

Easily create targeted marketing campaigns from within your Commence Cloud CRM Software that drive high quality traffic, increase industry exposure, help cross sell products to existing customers and build awareness. Utilize e-mail, social media, and the web to target the right customers, build brand recognition, and drive more business with automated marketing programs. Integrated with a Web Based CRM, this approach ensures seamless coordination between marketing efforts and customer relationship management, optimizing efficiency and effectiveness in reaching and engaging your target audience.


With Commence Cloud CRM, you can build a more seamless integration with marketing activities by providing a simple platform to accelerate marketing campaign creation. Use pre-built templates to get started in minutes, while segmenting your messaging on any criteria you define to deliver the most targeted content to the right audience. The efficient combination of templates and segmentation allows you to reach promising prospects and increase your chances of converting them to a lead. Take it a step further and pre-schedule an unlimited number of campaigns.


Once you’re set, start measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by drilling deep into how leads are being managed within your campaigns, factors affecting conversion and user journey that is resulting in higher conversions, and close ratio for each campaign. This helps you accurately determine the value of each campaign, see where you need to optimize further, and identify successful campaigns so you can double-down on them and give your sales team more promising prospects to chase.

Benefits and Features:
  • Create highly targeted campaigns using customer segmentation
  • Automate campaign management with scheduling features
  • Measure campaign effectiveness and optimize continuously
  • Optimize marketing budgets by determining campaign value
  • Follow-up with new leads immediately with integrated web forms
  • See detailed campaign analytics by industry, source, and outcome

Customer Success and Support

Help Your Customers Succeed and Create Life-Long


Customers are your lifeline. Treat them as such by responding to their needs immediately. Commence CRM provides service representatives with immediate access to detailed customer profiles that contain service call history and a record of customer interactions, enabling your support team to capture, track and manage all service related activity and respond quickly and efficiently to customer inquiries. A knowledgebase, frequently asked questions (FAQ) and integration with social networking sites like LinkedIn helps your staff deliver the highly personalized service that drives customer loyalty and create brand evangelists.

Commence CRM allows your customers to access an integrated portal where they can find answers to their questions from your knowledge management libraries, or instantly open a ticket to request tailored help. The customer portal allows creation, tracking, escalation, and resolution of customer requests from a centralized system, while allowing you complete real-time visibility into how your support team is handling tickets so you can measure productivity. Your support team can also introduce and upsell while providing world-class service to help your customers succeed.


The key to managing relationships is not to manage them, but to know the other person inside out. With Commence CRM’s advanced customer profiling and segmentation abilities, your support team is equipped with the information they need to create a personal connection with your customers.

Benefits and Features:
  • Resolve customer service requests efficiently and effectively
  • Introduce customers to new products and create upsell opportunities
  • Integrate helpdesk and knowledge management for customer support
  • Analyze ticket status, response time, etc. to improve service effectiveness
  • Use real-time customer dashboard to measure support staff performance
  • Allow customers to query the customer portal or open tickets from any device

Third-Party Integrations

Integrate Your Business Applications and Create a
Single Source for Front-Office Processes

The philosophy behind the creation of Commence Cloud CRM is to create a single, integrated solution that brings together every front-office process so small and mid-sized business can do away with using tons of different applications and switching between them constantly when managing customers. Commence CRM allows you to build this consolidated ecosystem with seamless integrations with email clients, accounting software, and other business applications so you can access all your customer data from one place, regardless of the system it is created in.


With Commence you utilize your current e-mail client to log incoming and outgoing e-mail correspondence directly to the account and contact record inside Commence CRM. It’s quick and easy and there is no learning curve for the end user. This seamless integration ensures that when reviewing accounts or contacts, the complete-e mail history is visible within the selected account or contact record.

Benefits and Features:
  • Integrate data seamlessly between systems without training
  • Capture, track, log and manage e-mail correspondence
  • Share emails and customer account data with teams directly
  • Automatically synchronize customer data across integrated systems

Along with email integrations, Commence CRM also allows you to integrate with disparate systems.  This ensures the accuracy of customer data between CRM and other software programs.  By integrating customer email conversations, their financial details, and their relationship data, you get a streamlined ecosystem that ensures you have the full picture when managing customer relationships.

Reporting and Analytics

Better Data = More Informed Decision Making

Commence CRM provides you with pre-built, point and click, text based, and graphical reports for all applications. The built-in report generator enables you to create reports against any data in the system including custom fields. The analytics package provides additional sales, marketing and customer service indicators to help you make informed business decisions.


We are in the age of data-driven innovation today, and no business can expect to grow without the right data being available to them. Customer relationship management is no different. With Commence CRM’s detailed analytics, you can take a step towards building business intelligence and manage relationships based on hard data. The analytics module provides insight into every front-office process managed through Commence CRM, whether you want analytics on how your support team is handling customer requests, or how leads and opportunities are being managed by sales reps, or how marketing campaigns are contributing to the bottom-line. Better analytics equal higher sales.


While the analytics module comes with a number of pre-built views, you can create customized reports in an interactive manner, based on both real-time and historical data. Combine these ad-hoc reports with data visualization elements to identify trends and patterns across business data to help you grow.

Benefits and Features:
  • View real-time reports in interactive department dashboards
  • Make informed business decisions with pre-built, graphical, and ad-hoc reports
  • Create tailored customer reports using the built-in report generator
  • Study historical trends and take proactive measures
  • Analyze Business Issues Quickly and Efficiently
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your team’s activities with micro and macro view

Mobile CRM Software

Access your CRM Anywhere, on Any Device

Providing access to mission-critical data anytime and anywhere maximizes the productivity of your staff by enabling them to address inquiries from customers and prospects at the point of interaction. Commence Mobile CRM is an innovative and elegant solution that extends the functionality of the CRM software when away from the home office. Whether you're using the CRM system online or offline, Commence Mobile CRM empowers you to stay connected and productive, ensuring you have access to critical customer data and tools, no matter where you are.


For your customers, Commence Portal provides the ability to login to their portals on-the-go and resolve concerns remotely, as and when needed. There’s no requirement of logging in from a desktop when your customers can simply use the Commence application and start creating tickets, requesting support, or simply browsing your secure knowledge base in search for answers.

Benefits and Features:
  • Access your customer data in real-time and act on deals remotely
  • Easy to navigate and use for sales and service personnel
  • Available on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and Blackberry

Your sales and support team can now cater to business requests instantly and minimize the impact to your business resulting from accessibility issues. The sales cycle must remain uninterrupted, so you never have to jeopardize a deal because you don’t have access. The mobile application is easy to use and emulates the same level of simplicity and modern user experience that the Commence Cloud CRM is known for. Effectively cater to your clients from anywhere and sell faster, better, and more!

Thousands of Businesses Around The
World Rely on Commence CRM as the Best CRM Software Small Business

Commence CRM vs. Competitors

Not sold yet? Take a look at Commence CRM compared to other Industry Leaders
Commence CRM provides the perfect balance of functionality and value

Commence Cloud CRM vs.


Gartner scores Salesforce low on customer satisfaction, contract negotiation, and pricing flexibility.

Salesforce users complain of low adoption across their organization, translating to business value not being realized.

Built for enterprise and offers industrial-grade functionality and interface.

Commence Cloud CRM for Small Business

Premium review websites around the world rate Commence CRM highest for customer satisfaction and affordability.

Commence CRM is rated highly by every customer for its simplicity and ease of use, subsequently maximizing adoption.

Built for small businesses and offers an intuitive, visually appealing layout.

Commence Cloud CRM vs. Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Analysts continue to receive complaints regarding performance issues with Dynamics due to its complex implementation model.

Support has also been problematic for customers because the product is only offered via local value added resellers and is not directly supported by Microsoft.

The product is built for larger organizations and is not customer success focused.

Commence Cloud CRM for Small Business

Commence CRM is built on industry-leading technology and has never received complaints regarding platform performance or reliability.

Commence CRM is rated highly by every customer for its simplicity and ease of use, subsequently maximizing adoption.

Built around customer success, Commence CRM has a highly acclaimed technical support desk and can be reached via phone or email anytime.

Built for small businesses and offers an intuitive, visually appealing layout.

Commence Cloud CRM vs. SugarCRM


Leading analysts score SugarCRM low on reporting and analytics capabilities due to difficulty of use.

SugarCRM customers report capability issues with account and contact management module.

Lead generation is another area where SugarCRM customers express dissatisfaction.

SugarCRM customer’s also complain of limited functionality in with the mobile application.

Commence Cloud CRM for Small Business

Commence CRM provides both pre-built and ad-hoc reporting features for micro and macro level analytics. No learning curve.

Customers review Commence CRM’s account and contacts management module positively for ease-of-use and provision of a complete view.

With advanced lead scoring and nurturing capabilities coupled with built-in web forms, Commence CRM has an industry-leading lead generation feature set.

Commence Mobile CRM works seamlessly on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.

Commence Cloud CRM vs. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM customer’s often complain about limited functionality and flexibility with the product.

In addition, getting timely responses to product-related questions and pricing negotiations is a problem.

Zoho CRM caters to small businesses who have limited functional requirements and as a result, there are limited support services.

Commence Cloud CRM for Small Business

Commence CRM team is known for their focus on rapid response delivery, as seen in customer reviews

Commence CRM was designed from the get-go to fill the middle-market gap for a CRM that balances value and functionality.