Customer Profile Software: Data-Driven Customer Profiles

Sell MORE and Serve Existing Customers Better using smart Customer Profiles

Serve Your Customers and Prospects Better with
Data-Driven Insights

You need to be able to understand your customers to cater to their needs. And you can’t fully understand them without data outlining how they interact with your business, what their buying preferences are, and how they want to be treated.

Commence Cloud CRM’s customer profile software provides an in-depth view of customer account, sales, and service history at your fingertips. The Customer Profile feature integrates customer information gathered at any business touch point within your CRM and displays a precise snapshot.

  • Your sales reps can use the customer profile feature to understand the needs of opportunities at a glance before picking up the phone for routine follow-ups.
  • Armed with a snapshot of every customers service history, your support team knows exactly how to deal with a particular customer and turn them into lifelong clients.
  • Your marketing team knows what kind of messaging to use for each contact based on individual customer stories built on data by your trusted CRM.
  • Your business development team knows exactly where cross-selling opportunities exist in your existing customer base. New customer acquisition cost is 5 times higher than that of selling to an existing customer.

With our advanced customer profiling feature, Commence Cloud CRM for Small Business helps you build and nurture relationships with customers instead of shouting a generic message from the rooftop. The software is built for small and mid-size businesses where personalization is critical. Now you have the customer information at your fingertips to take your personalization efforts to the next level.

The result: Targeted Marketing and Manage Customer Relationships for Higher Sales

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The 6 Elements of an Ideal Customer Profile

With modern analytics and tightly integrated data across distributed systems, customer profile software is becoming increasingly common. But even when using software to deliver customer insights, the first step is understanding what the ideal customer profile looks like. Customer profile data that doesn’t help you sell is no use at all for your business.

  • Businesses today begin and end with data. Customer profiles start with basic information like a customer’s contact details, revenue, product mix, purchase channels, etc.
  • Profiles built from first-party data now need to be enriched with third-party sources. Commence CRM integrates with popular email clients and accounting software for automatic data enrichment.
  • To help sales and business development teams gauge opportunities at a glance, similar customer profiles must be grouped together to create segments that can be targeted together.
  • Design messaging for each segment based on customer profiling and determine channels that each group frequents and how they prefer being reached.
  • Build cross-channel marketing and sales campaigns by integrating customer profiles and segments.
  • Measure your results across profiles and segments and keep a close eye on how customer data in your profiles changes so you can tweak your sales and marketing efforts.

If you want to grow your business by profiling customer data, the 6 elements outlined above are necessary components of your strategy. Move towards automation with Commence Cloud CRM customer profile software features and let us build and bring together the 6 elements in a complete view instantly.

See the Elements of an Ideal Customer Profile in a Single View

How Does Commence CRM Customer Profile
Software Work?

Allow technology to profile your customers for you and do away with manual research and data scraping for profile management and creation. Business Profiling tools have come a long way, evolving from mere digital notepads to using artificial intelligence and combining customer data across the internet so you can access a complete, yet simplified customer profile.

At its core, Commence is a cloud CRM solution for small businesses, yet the feature-set allows you to automate all front-office processes. From project and contact management to running smart cross-channel marketing campaigns, the solution assists you in automating every process that involves dealing with either potential or existing customers. For customer business profiling, the CRM uses data generated across each activity and brings it together to create holistic, accurate representations of each customer.

To build a complete view, Commence Customer Profile Software obtains:
  • Service insights from team and customer interaction on Commence Customer Portal and built-in ticket management system. This includes call records and any other form of communication.
  • Sale and purchase insights from Commence Sales Lifecycle Management module, so your team can identify a customer’s journey throughout the sales lifecycle and take note of roadblocks.
  • Account-level insights from Commence Account and Contact Management module to enable your departments to see pending and completed account activities, along with communication history.
  • Social media interaction insights from Commence Conversations module, integrating customer LinkedIn and Google Maps data for powerful networking.
  • Marketing insights from Commence CRM’s marketing automation features, so you know what kind of messaging works for each customer profile and how to create targeted campaigns.
  • Customer responsive insights from Commence CRM’s email integration capabilities, connecting with your email client of choice while analyzing customer communication from a centralized profile view.

Automatically Create a Highly
Integrated Customer View

Using Customer Profiles WILL Help Grow Your
Business – Here’s How

Small businesses are often hesitant in building customer profiles because of the associated investment of time and resources. That’s a thing of the past now, with Commence Corporation’s customer profile software that comes packaged with our acclaimed CRM.

Here are 5 business benefits you can gain with our automated customer profiles right away:
  • 1
    Better Communication: Think about your communication with people you know well and those you don’t. There’s a world of difference, and that’s exactly how different customer profiles help you effectively communicate with customers.
  • 2
    Increased Opportunities: People you know well are more likely to listen to your recommendations. With customer profiles, you know your customers better and can predict their buying behavior. Identify cross-selling opportunities faster and act on them instantly with customer profile software.
  • 3
    Boost Profit Margins: By using insights from customer profiling tools like Commence CRM, you save costs building and maintaining relationships with customers. The software does it for you so you can focus on leveraging these relationships to sell more, effectively reducing customer acquisition costs.
  • 4
    Higher Retention: Your customer success team now has the data needed to maintain and manage customer relationships seamlessly, helping you learn exactly how to keep customers satisfied and track satisfaction by viewing changes in the customer profile. Satisfied customers are customers that WANT to stay in business with you.
  • 5
    Pull Customers: Push-marketing methods have their place, but you can work on attracting them to your brand by using customer profiling tools to build a list of potential customers most likely to purchase from you. On top of that, you can use customer profile data on existing customers to delight them and promote brand advocacy, in turn attracting new customers.
See the Elements of an Ideal Customer Profile in a Single View

Deliver Better Customer Service with Customer
Profile Software

Delight your customers and turn them into brand advocates by treating them like royalty. You can do that only when you understand their preferences by studying their interactions with your brand inside out. With Commence Customer Profile Software, increase focus on your top customers and build loyalty faster, ultimately increasing sales.


Your support team now has the data to immediately view the complete background of a customer when working on their tickets or  support calls to resolve product-related issues. Customer profiling tools help you be proactive, allowing you to communicate solutions to customers before they even reach out to you for support. Commence Customer Profiles integrate data from the customer portal and the ticket management system, so you know exactly how similar issues have been handled in the past.

Equipped with the data to understand customer preferences, you can tailor highly personalized service delivery. If a customer typically asks for delivery a day before the weekend, don’t wait for them to ask every time – schedule delivery automatically on their preferred day and time and score bonus points with the customer. Focus on maximizing personalization by leveraging customer profiles.

See the Elements of an Ideal Customer Profile in a Single View

Boost Marketing Efficiency with Customer Data

The better you know your customers, the higher the efficiency of your marketing efforts. Start with studying existing customer profiles, generated automatically within Commence Cloud CRM. Use the insights to create personas of your ideal customers and start creating highly personalized messaging. Based on existing customer profiles, you already know where your ideal customers are, how they prefer to be reached, what they’re looking for, and what they want to hear from you to consider a purchase. This increases the ROI on your marketing campaigns dramatically since you’re reaching out to only the most relevant people, instead of using shotgun advertising methods.


By studying customer profiles closely, you can determine which product features a specific type of customer would be more interested in. Craft your messaging accordingly. Marketing isn’t just for potential customers though; you can market higher-priced products to existing customers too if their profile data shows they can benefit from a premium package. Cross-selling opportunities go hand in hand. If a customer has bought a specific product, you can start marketing products that complement the initial purchase or solve similar problems.

Qualify Prospects and Sell MORE with Customer
Profile Management

Study prospect interaction using Commence customer profiling and qualify them faster. Our customer profiles show how each contact in the CRM is interacting across business touchpoints. By looking at their interactions, you know exactly if they’re ready to move to the next stage in the sales lifecycle.

When your sales reps jump on a prospect call, they go in armed with data and are able to address customer pain points accurately, while promoting just the right products to solve their problem. Look at how marketing reached the prospect or what attracted them to your business. Now you know precisely where to channel your sales magic.


Marketing-related insights may help determine the product features your prospect is interested in and the goals they want to achieve. That should be your focus during conversations, which in turn increases the prospect’s willingness to consider your product. To them, you’re a veritable mind reader! Today’s customers are smarter than ever. If you deliver a highly personalized experience, they know you’re doing customer profiling well. Chances are, they will appreciate you for being on top of technological developments, positioning you as a forward-thinking company.

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