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Control Over Sales Management

Effective sales management plays a crucial role in the growth and long term stability of a business. The process, in its broadest scope, involves developing the sales force, managing the sales operations, and employing sales techniques that propel a business towards continuous achievement of its sales targets.

Every business that earns revenue – big or small – has a need for a proper sales management strategy. This strategy should be aimed at streamlining all sales operations and analysis into a clear-cut sales management process.

This sales management process, in its basic premise, measures and monitors the collective ability of the sales force to actually sell and extend quality sales support to the customers. An effective sales management strategy includes setting goals, providing sales support and training, creating or updating the sales strategy, and monitoring results.

At a surface level the process seemingly appears to be quite straightforward, however, there is more to it than this. In order to drive sales and meet targets, sales representative need comprehensive data to adequately keep tabs on the entire sales activity, starting from lead generation to achieving forecasted sales targets.

Sales Tracking for Better Sales Management

When it comes to efficient sales management, you’ve got to get your hands dirty. You need to be able to identify, track, and analyze every single step of the sales process in order to achieve ideal results. This is where the need for sales tracking software arises.

By definition, sales tracking means keeping track of all sales activities of your business. Sales tracking is all about maintaining records and particularizing every single aspect of the sales process. It usually encompasses following up on day to day activities and projecting future sales. Sales lead tracking allows businesses to improve their resource management, centralize sales forecasting, and evaluate the collective performance of the sales staff based on close ratios.

Could all this be done manually? Yes, of course. Tracking your sales becomes easier with a sales tracking software.

The Sales Tracking Software & Why Your
Business Needs One

What exactly does a sales tracking software do? It logs sales activities and provides management with useful and relevant sales related information. To make sure you receive accurate information out of the automation software, the first thing you need to get right is data entry. This is the only thing you need to perform manually and then allow the software to do the rest for you, which involves extracting sales information from different sources and compiling them into comprehensive reports when required.


Most sales tracking systems, like ours, are equipped with several features enabling businesses like yours to obtain data on day-to-day sales activities. To accomplish that, the software tracks sales deals that have already been closed in addition to tracking quotes and leads that are still in progress, and extracting historical client information including every unprocessed quote and processed order from the beginning to the end. Imagine doing all that manually! It will easily take you a couple of days to say the least.

This data extraction process that the software performs can prove to be extremely valuable. Sales tracking systems allow you to use this data and convert it into insightful, useful, and actionable business reports – reports that tell you where your collective sales is heading, how well did the sales force and the business as a whole perform, what sales techniques don’t work with your customers, and what might be the business’ strengths and weaknesses that require your attention.

When it’s done the right way, sales tracking software is an ideal tool for gaining complete transparency into the sales process. The insights you obtain from tracking sales is necessary for the conversion of sales prospects into customers.

Implementing sales automation and integration to track sales pipelines of your business works two ways.

  • It helps you manage sales starting from leads, progressing to quotes, and then rolling through to completion in a better way.
  • Tracking sales enables you to extract relevant data which may help you propel your sales skywards.

Still not sure how a sales tracking system could help your business?
Ask yourself:

  • What are the most important stages of your business’ sales pipeline?
  • Which actions, when timely taken, can improve the chances of success in closing a deal?
  • What actions you undertake have absolutely no apparent influence on how your sales deals close?

You may not have the answers to these questions immediately. However, the situation would have been considerably different if you had a sales tracking software answering all that for you. Quality sales tracking makes all the difference – it refines your sales process and streamlines the day-to-day activities in a way that everything falls into place.

A lot of small businesses do not leverage the benefits of automated sales tracking software. Most of them stick to traditional methods, using spreadsheets for sales and data analysis. These practices may still be useful, but they leave ample room for omissions and errors. It is time consuming and safe to say, not accurate. What most businesses don’t realize is that making an investment in a feature-rich solution like the Commence CRM sales tracking system helps you reap bigger returns.

An effective sales tracking system implemented in your business helps you obtain a better grasp of the way your business progresses. It gives you a bird's eye view of everything that is happening in the company. It also allows you to drill down to the nitty gritty specific details of the sales process, which helps you micromanage the sales process aspects that need special attention

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The Benefits of Implementing a Sales Tracking System

With an effective sales tracking system:

You can determine individual customer performances

Manage relationships with and growth of vendors, staff, and customers

Manage quote process

Do review analysis for losses incurred

Plan inventory supplies

An efficient sales tracking system like Commence ensures:

  • complete visibility of each sales process stage
  • the ability to execute sales tasks within a single data repository
  • elimination of alternating between different computer programs
  • sales account management, with the identification of highest revenue earning accounts and those with minimal prospects
  • reduction of work-related stress for the sales managers and the sales force
  • detailed analytics that allow evaluation of individual sales campaigns
  • efficient extraction of data from various sources
  • the ability to view all customer transactions and interactions
  • effective management of inventory with up-to-date information on inventory levels present in multiple warehouses
  • work time efficiency and monetary savings with the elimination of paperwork
  • the ability to measure sales losses and success

Reduced risks:

device compatibility for handheld devices, making important data accessible anywhere, anytime

tracking customer payments, bills and debts

customized reports for effective analysis

easy integration with accounting and ERP software systems

Track Your Sales Pipeline Today!

There is an increasing need to understand the complex process behind every sale. There are no guesses or improvisational exercises in it. We at Commence know this and this is exactly why we bring you sales automation software that works solely on activity-based selling techniques. The Commence CRM sales tracking software will help you:

  • Identify the actions that will close your sales deals faster and better
  • Make these actions scalable and repeatable
  • Optimize your overall selling approach for optimal results

All You Need is the Right Tracking System!

Why is it so important to get the right tracking system? It’s because only the right one will give you the ability to proactive and reactive at the same time when managing, developing, and operating your business as smoothly as possible. Here’s why the Commence CRM Sales Tracking Software might be just right for your business:

Commence CRM Sales Tracking Software at a Glance

A sales tracking software can single handedly accomplish a lot for the business. However, its actual ability to help your business achieve its specific goals boils down to what it brings to the table in terms of features and applications, and how well this entire package aligns with the goals and workflows of your organization.

This is what Commence CRM Sales Tracking Software prides itself in:

Complete Sales Cycle Management

Stay in control of every opportunity that comes your way from lead introduction through deal closure

Maintenance of the Sales Cycle History

Record interactions with prospects and customers documented through e-mails and documents

Smooth Workflow Processes

Schedule activities, to dos and follow-up appointments

Interactive Sales Funnel

Identify every opportunity that arises in the sales cycle with an automated sales process


Create relevant quotes and e-mail and attach them to customer accounts or potential opportunity

Powerful Reporting

Graphical reporting paired with built-in report generator for analytical reports required to efficiently manage a business

Why Choose Commence?

There is an increasing need to understand the complex process behind every sale. There are no guesses or improvisational exercises in it. We at Commence know this and this is exactly why we help you to streamline the sales processes. Sales professionals require a lot more than just contact information to keep the sales process rolling. At the same time nobody wants to bog themselves down with hours of administrative work. So, what do they do? They choose Commence CRM. It’s easy to use and helpful in managing complex sales processes.

The software provides you with immediate access to all levels of the sales activity with a visual pipeline and graphical representation of deal flow. This is how you save time and close more business. In addition our software brings four core benefits to its users.

The Commence CRM sales tracking system will help you:

sales tracking software ux

Exceptional user experience:

Stay in control of every opportunity that comes your way from lead introduction to closure. With an interactive dashboard and well organized features, Commence CRM makes updating a lead simple. You don’t need a dozen clicks or the tedious action of switching between different screens. Sales tracking with Commence is all about streamlining processes. The highly intuitive user interface makes this a snap.

sales tracking software intelligence

Selected account intelligence

Too much of client data and account information can sometimes ruin things instead of helping you close a deal. Our software employs curated account intelligence, providing your sales force with just the right information at the right time. This way, the sales reps know just what they need and right when they need it – nothing more, nothing less.

sales tracking software training

Quick training

Your sales team is never bound to remain the same for years. There will be people leaving and new people joining all the time. In instances like these, it helps when sales tracking apps have simple and intuitive interfaces equipped with automated cues, tooltips, and customizable predefined workflows to speed up the real time training process. Our software gives you all that!

sales tracking software analytics

Predictive analytics

Built with efficient predictive analytics tools, Commence CRM provides all the answers to valuable futuristic questions, like: What would be the best way to close this deal? Or what should be my next step for this deal? Predictive analytics keeps you one step ahead of time and that’s where your business finds an edge over others

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Commence CRM:

A Competent Sales Tracking System for Small

Every business is unique. Even when they operate in the same industry, two similar businesses may never have the same needs. At Commence, we know that every small business is different from the other – that it has specific needs that cannot be fulfilled using a cookie-cutter approach. Small businesses, being inherently entrepreneurial, often define and develop their sales processes as they progress. This means that there is usually no predefined process of sales and techniques to track and monitor it.

With time, as these businesses grow, their sales activities increase and that’s where they find themselves unable to keep track of even the most basic sales-related information. Has it happened to you, yet? If yes, you need to implement Commence CRM right away, if not – well, what are you waiting for?

Commence CRM Sales Tracking Software Is Built For Small

Many small businesses still employ manual techniques and multiple tools to track at least as many aspects of the sales process as they can. They may even be able to obtain results but the procedures are complex and time consuming. At Commence, we know the amount of effort, time and money it takes to roll out a set of necessary sales reports when things are not automated. And a majority of small businesses understand this. However, it is the fear of implementing a new sales automation software that holds them back.

  • What if it doesn’t work?
  • What if it isn’t worth what I pay for it?
  • What if it is too complex for me and my team to understand?
  • What if I am better off without it?
These what ifs are daunting; but WHAT IF we tell you that the Commence CRM sales automation system is a holistic answer and solution to all these questions?
  • The software tracks sales accurately and efficiently.
  • It is easy to use
  • It can prove to be the absolute game changer for your sales numbers!
  • It is affordable

Commence cloud CRM allows small businesses like yours to track lead interactions, generate supplementary to-do lists, mark important dates and events on integrated Gmail or Outlook calendars, and know exactly when and where opportunities arise in your business’ sales pipeline. To sum it up, Commence takes care of the grunt work on your behalf, while you focus on growing, supporting, and improving your sales teams and processes.

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Commence CRM Sales Tracking Software at a Glance

A sales tracking software can single handedly accomplish a lot for the business. However, its actual ability to help your business achieve its specific goals boils down to what it brings to the table in terms of features and applications, and how well this entire package aligns with the goals and workflows of your organization.

This is what Commence CRM Sales Tracking Software prides itself in:

Sales Pipeline Management

You can manage your sales prospects individually from fresh leads to first contact and all the way through to deal closure. This allows the sales force and management to analyze and prioritize various customer groups using a variety of external and/or internal variables

Sales Pipeline Editor

Businesses can define and deploy specific individual pipelines for differently segmented lead groups, product lines, different sales teams, or specific products. Regardless of the number of individual pipelines you create, each will provide its own step-by-step workflow.

Sales Cycle Management

This sales automation software provides customer-focused management tools, which allow businesses to efficiently manage their sales and buying cycles. This feature is especially beneficial for businesses that deal in subscription-based products or profit from after sale follow ups.

The Dashboard

This is where the magic happens – with visual interfaces for metric tracking for sales management and staff. The comprehensive dashboard shows key performance numbers that include all opened and closed deals, the sales volumes at different stages of the pipeline and custom KPIs.


In order to convert online prospects into promising leads, the web to lead tools integrate our sales tracking software with the company's website. This helps businesses automatically tracking sales leads in a hassle free manner, speeding up the process.

Social Media Integrations

The social media integration tools connect the Commence CRM sales tracking software with a business’ or individual’s social media accounts where prospect leads can be generated. This in turn saves time, reduces missed opportunities, minimizes errors, and improves response times.


Most sales teams have multiple members, sometimes working collaboratively on the same deals. The collaboration tools embedded in the software help delegate responsibilities within the sales force preventing redundant steps.

Content Management

The software also provides basic functions for content management which saves valuable time that would otherwise be spent on searching for the relevant sales materials

Commence CRM Sales Tracking:

What’s In It for the Sales Manager?

Managing sales involves extensive work and processes. A sales manager cannot perform well unless they are aware of all the strengths and weaknesses of the businesses sales process. It is only then that they can play to the process’ strengths and improve on the weaknesses to harness optimal results.

These strengths and weaknesses in the process may not always be visible upfront. Sometimes, they are hidden in the smallest details of the various sales reports businesses churn out annually. Where do all these reports come from? Commence CRM with its customizable options filters your business’ sales data and strips it down to the separate requirements of every single report for accurate results.

This provides you with the liberty to oversee your overall sales effort or to evaluate the performance of an individual sales rep with just a simple click. This way you can keep a keen eye on the individual efforts of every member of the team while simultaneously observing the overall performance of the business.

These sales reports aren’t the only prominent feature that helps sales managers. There is a lot more.

Focus On the Sales Pipeline

In a bid to ensure complete control over the sales management process for small businesses, Commence CRM was designed for high pipeline visibility. This essentially means that your sales force can have unhindered, round-the-clock access to the entire sales process. With the pipeline map view giving the complete overview of the business’ sales process, the sales team will always have visual representations of all the things working well and the areas that can be identified as problematic.

From these visual representations of the sales pipeline, sales reps can identify the progress of different sales deals, and obtain information related to customer contacts, statistics, and organizations. In simple terms, the feature provides immediate and logical access to valuable information, making the sales tracking process quick and hassle free.

The Simplest Tool of Choice – A Sales Tracking System Made for
Small Businesses

It is easy for a small sales force to get bogged down by the loads and loads of information around them. Even more daunting is to learn a new software that comes with its own set of commands and functions that only add on to the crises. We are not here to increase your problems. We bring solutions instead. With Commence CRM, life of a sales rep becomes easier.

This simple yet intuitive software is designed to produce the maximum output that can be processed out of minimum input. There are no page lists of software functions that you need to memorize or days’ worth of training required to get started. Just log in, enter your basic sales pipeline parameters and get selling!

Understand Your Potential Customers

No business can succeed unless it has proper insights into the behavior and preferences of its target customers. It is this insight that allows businesses to pinpoint, acknowledge and work towards the actual needs of their customers. With the Commence CRM sales tracking software, it becomes easier for businesses like you to identify what works for your customers.

These are simple things that may otherwise take ages to emerge out of regular information silos that businesses run on, things like:

What are the most common behaviors and traits your customers possess?

Which customers respond best to what sales techniques?

Out of all the sales prospects, which ones are most likely to convert into buyers?

Once you have this information, understanding your customers becomes a matter of lesser worry.

Optimize Your Sales Activities

The most important factor in any sale is the actions required to close that deal – how you, on your end, can ensure that the outcome of a particular sales deal sways in your favor.

It is only when you are adeptly tracking your sales all the way down to the tiniest of details that you enhance your chances of closing sales deals in your favor. Commence CRM gives you the ability to do the right thing needed to maximize the probability of success at the right time, when closing sales deals.

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