By CommenceCRM

Salesforce.com Challenged by Small to Mid-Size CRM Competitors

Image by Peter Renshaw on Flickr under Creative Commons license.

The market for Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) is highly competitive.   While  Salesforce.com, a pioneer in the evolution of cloud computing, was once the only game in town, 2012 is presenting some challenges to the current market leader as more and more competitors enter the race.  One of the top Salesforce.com competitors is Commence Corporation, a company that has been providing customer management software to small and mid-size companies for more than two decades. Well regarded for its award winning desktop products, Commence now offers a robust cloud based CRM solution that’s easier to use and less expensive than Salesforce.com.

“Salesforce clearly established the sector” says Larry Caretsky, president of Commence Corporation “and they are a good company with a good product. But no one can be all things to all people.   Salesforce had targeted enterprise level organizations and in order to meet the requirements of these firms they had to add a level of complexity into their product that just isn’t required or wanted by small to mid-size companies. As the enterprise market became saturated they lowered the price for smaller organizations, but this doesn’t change the product’s complexity.” says Caretsky.

Companies that compare Commence CRM to Salesforce.com, come away with a very favorable impression. “They like our user interface and the intuitive navigation of our product better and we are a more affordable CRM.  This is all a result of the company’s twenty years of experience serving the SMB community.”

“This is our core competency and we have a wealth of experience in delivering best in class solutions that are affordable and easy to use.”

Larry Caretsky
President, Commence Corporation

Commence’s success has resulted in the opening of a European office in the United Kingdom.  Industry reports indicate that the market for CRM software in Europe is experiencing rapid growth and Commence is well positioned to take advantage of it.  “Salesforce.com and Microsoft have been in Europe for some time” acknowledges Caretsky, “but we are confident of our ability to compete favorably in the SMB space.”