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Build Customer Segments That Help You Sell More

Customize Your Data With Commence Cloud CRM

Do you have one masterfully crafted marketing message that you are attempting to use for all your customers and leads? Sure, you’ll get results - but why not start customizing your messaging to specific customer segments and start selling more? Additional relevance within your potential client's lives will lead to more conversions.

With Commence CRM Customer Segmentation Software, you can automate the creation of customer segments across a variety of data points and reach each type of customer with messaging that addresses their specific pain points

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    Your team will learn how to leverage customer data and group customers that share attributes like product feature requirements.

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    Your team can build segments based on potential profits and create selling strategies that center on high-value accounts.

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    Your team can create highly tailored marketing campaigns that focus on the needs of each specific customer segment and takes marketing automation to the next level.

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    Your team knows which products and services your market needs right now based on the needs of attractive customer segments. So start building solutions that you know your customers want right now.

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    Your team knows exactly which customers have extensive service level requirements by creating customer segments to serve high priority clients better and ensure customer success.

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    Your team can allocate time and resources more efficiently by combining Commence's Cloud CRM customer profiling and customer segmentation features to quickly identify how much to spend and where.

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The 4 Elements of Effective Customer Segmentation

How do you begin segmenting your customers to derive business value? The most popular approach is to segment profitable customers and non-profitable customers. The classification is based on their buying power, economic attributes, and demographics. Everything ties back to how much money can they make for you.

When creating a strategy using customer segmentation software, you need to start thinking about what decisions to make to maximize profits from your customer base:


When you know your product can help your potential customer segment and the segment is attractive in terms of need and buying power, you need to start strategizing and refocus resources to that segment. This is low-hanging fruit.


When your segment’s buying power is high and the need for your product exists but you may not be the best fit to address their pain points, your resources should be spent to investigate and dig deeper into coming up with a strong value proposition.


When you know your product is strong in a segment but customer data indicates low buying power, you don’t need to spend resources here. If the segment wants to buy, they will do so regardless of the effort you put into the deal.


When your product isn’t a good fit for the segment and their buying power or need isn’t on par either, it’s best to let the segment drop. Maintain data on the segment so your team knows not to spend resources there.

How Do Customer Segmentation Tools Work to Offer Actionable Insights that Help You Sell More?

The easiest way to segment your customers and power business intelligence initiatives is to mine your CRM for demographics data and create priority segments. With Commence Cloud CRM, you get a highly automated CRM that has advanced customer segmentation features built within.

The top 3 approaches to segmenting your customer base for actionable insights are:


Priority segmentation: The simplest route when building customer segments is to use existing, widely available demographics data like company and industry size. Start small, and then keep associating more data to your original segments to create highly targeted groups for your sales, marketing, and support teams.


Needs-based segmentation: When you have data on customer conversations and interactions with your business, you know which customers are looking for specific features in your software product to solve their needs. You can conduct primary research on those needs to identify groups most likely to buy from you based on best fit and then build your segments within Commence Cloud CRM.


Value-based segmentation: This is a relatively simple approach that is often underestimated. Your customer segmentation software can create segments based on potential value that you can derive from individual customers, based on their interactions with your business at any touch-point. Let the tool create segments based on customer lifetime value.

Commence Cloud CRM automates each approach with its customer segmentation feature, allowing users to access a number of pre-built customer segments and letting them create new ones by combining customer data obtained throughout your business. Our built-in segmentation analytics provide an opportunity to probe further and lets you know the efficacy of your customer segments - at a glance.

See why so many customers select Commence as their CRM solution.

Start Shaping Customer Data Into Segments for
Strategic Insights to Maximize ROI

If you don’t know your customer better than your competitors, you’ve lost. With Cloud CRM’s customer segmentation tools, you can dig as deep as you need, to guarantee your competitive advantage is properly packaged and viewed by the segment of people who are most likely to be swayed by it. This is not a complex process, it simply involves a series of steps.


Start by studying your product line and the engagement levels of leads on associated content. A great way to segment your customers is to look at product preferences. Map product features to leads and customers to create a product-focused customer segment.


If you have a satisfied customer base, there’s money to be made by upselling. You can use Commence CRM’s integrated web forms feature to quickly survey customer satisfaction and then create segments based on the responses you received. This mapping allows your sales team to quickly identify, cross-sell, and up-sell opportunities


Segmenting by lead behavior is key to understanding how close or how likely it is to close a lead. Commence Cloud CRM provides marketing automation with intelligent lead scoring capabilities, the data is obtained from every customer interaction so you act on conversion as the deal moves through the sales lifecycle.


Work on segmenting your customers by calculating customer lifetime value. Using these segments, your team knows how to serve specific customer groups and ensure the level of service each segment deserves.


Sales teams can now identify exactly which group of customers is nearing the end of free trial, or is in the proposal phase, or is in negotiations. Depending on where they are in the sales funnel, your teams can retarget their efforts and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

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Use Customer Stories to Build Highly Enriched Segments and Start Selling More

Provide your customers with an experience they’ll treasure - but you can only do that if you are using customer stories to segment your customers better and build highly personalized experiences.

customer segmentation

Segment customers by company size, account revenue, fulfillment cost, service level requirements, profitability, upsell potential, and customer retention probability. The customer segmentation feature allows you to build customer-centric sales strategies and prioritize accounts and the amount of time different types of customers spend with your messaging.

With the right data at your disposal, you will be able to touch only customers and leads that have a chance of buying from you. On your end, you’re using Commence CRM to automatically gather and integrate customer data and build operational and strategic segmentation processes for delivery of a personalized experience. But on the customer’s end, you seem to deliver exactly what they want, when they want it, where they want it, and how.

Enhance Your Marketing Automation Efforts with Customer Segmentation Software

For marketing automation, customer data is key. When you’re using a CRM that integrates all your front-office processes in one solution, you know you have the data. With Commence CRM Customer Segmentation Software, you can automatically use this data to create segments based on what kind of marketing collateral would prove to be most effective at driving conversions.

market research

Leverage needs-driven segments and fuse them with prior segments to create new marketing segments that group customers who can solve their business challenges with your product and have all the necessary characteristics to close the deal with you.

Solidify Your Commitment to Customer Success by Segregating Customers Based on Priority


When responding to customer tickets and concerns, your support team can’t afford to treat every customer the same way. That’s all well and good in theory, but we at Commence Corporation understand there’s only so much a person can do with finite resources. Segment your customers by fulfillment cost and service level requirements and figure out the best way to delight them, ultimately staying true to your commitment to customer success.

By monitoring these customer segments, your support team can regularly pitch attractive offers around service level requirements along with discounts geared toward building loyalty and reducing churn rate.

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