By CommenceCRM

Commence CRM First Looks on New Product Release Getting Good Reviews by End Users

Commence Corporation, a leading provider of affordable CRM software for growing businesses, has released an enhanced version of their popular online software.

Commence offers a comprehensive suite of CRM applications targeted at small to mid-size businesses that need more than basic contact management and a sales forecast, but not the cost and complexity associated with enterprise level solutions.  Commence’s ease of use coupled with robust functionality has continued to attract businesses throughout the United States and Europe.  The company’s web based CRM system is well suited for businesses of 10 to 200 users.  These customers find the Commence CRM easier to navigate and use than competitors Salesforce.com and Microsoft CRM and less expensive.

In addition, Commence has an experienced professional service staff that helps customers tailor the system to meet unique business requirements and establish and automate internal workflow procedures such automated lead qualification, sales methodologies, sales training and rating and color coding of customers based on the their value to their business.  Services such as these are rarely offered by lower end CRM providers, which is what makes Commence such a strong competitor in the mid-market.

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