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Becoming a leading provider of CRM solutions to small and mid-size businesses didn’t happen overnight. Two decades ago the founders of Commence Corporation had a vision where businesses could improve the efficiency of their operations by capturing, tracking and sharing vital customer information throughout their organization. This vision led to the development of Commence RM, a desktop software solution for managing accounts and contacts, sales, marketing and customer service.


Commence’s popularity was driven by the products’ robust functionality, its ability to be used in a disconnected mode while away from the home office and the ability to be customized without programmer intervention. This uniqueness caught the attention of industry giants IBM, Compaq Computer and AT&T all of whom sold the Commence product under a private label agreement. This led to substantial growth and utilization in more than 35 industries in 22 countries around the world.

Today, Commence has evolved into a comprehensive cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution with functionality that rivals enterprise offerings costing thousands more. Complementing this award winning software is a series of best practices created by the company’s professional service staff who have been engaged in hundreds of CRM system implementations. The best practices coupled with the company’s top rated software ensure that Commence customers realize a maximum return on their investment.

Commence maintains strategic alliances with technology partners, system integrators, resellers and business partners throughout the world and is well positioned to continue to offer innovative products and services to its growing customer base well into the future.

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