Lead Generation

Commence Lead Generation Services

Commence is much more than a CRM software provider. We offer Sales Enablement, Marketing Enablement, and Lead Generation Services. If you are struggling to generate new leads and close more business, we can help. Here’s how.

Lead Generation with E-Mail Marketing

You need leads and we will get them for you.  Forget about spending a ton of money on poor quality lead list.   It doesn’t work.  We will provide you with 2,000 to 10,000 contacts a month based on your target market.  We will filter the leads for accuracy and automatically import them into your CRM system. If you don’t have a CRM system, we will give you ours at no cost.  

E-Mail Marketing

Most business do not have time or resources to design and distribute consistent e-mail marketing campaigns. Commence marketing professionals will do it for you. That’s right! We will create effective marketing campaigns with a call to action and distribute them on a pre-determined schedule. The CRM system will allow you to track the progress of every lead and every campaign.  The leads will be scored using a unique point system, 2 points for an opened e-mail, 3 additional points if they respond to a call to action as an example. Once a lead reaches a certain score, automated messages are sent to encourage the interested contact to engage with your sales team. 

Sales Process Management

Qualified leads can then be managed in the CRMs sales Module where they can be tracked from the initial introduction to closure. This allows sales management to take a proactive role during the sales process. In addition, monthly and quarterly sales forecast can be generated with a push of a button. 

Sign up with us, tell us your lead criteria and we will fill your pipeline with New Contacts every month.

To learn more about our Lead Generation Program call Commence Sales.