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Are you struggling to build brand recognition and generate new business opportunities?  Do you feel like no one knows who you are?  If the answer is yes, we can help.  Here’s how.

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Key Components of an Effective E-mail Marketing Campaign

Commence has designed a unique “All in One” e-mail marketing service that fills the gap left by marketing tools companies like MailChimp and Constant Contact.  Outlined below are the key components required to create an effective e-mail campaign and what Commence delivers.

Targeted List

If you plan to distribute marketing campaigns to your customer base, then you already have their contact information and e-mail address. But most companies are seeking new business and need to purchase a prospect list based on specific criteria such as geography, vertical industry, title, or company size. Targeted prospect lists are not provided by most e-mail distribution services. This means you must acquire a list yourself then import the list into an Excel spreadsheet, CSV file or a CRM system so that you can upload the list to one of these e-mail marketing services. This takes time and expertise, and the lists can be very expensive to purchase.

Commence Corporation provides a prospect list for you. The company has access to hundreds of thousands of contacts that can be filtered by numerous criteria. We can deliver 5,000, 10,000 even 100,000 prospects if that is your target audience. The prospect list is automatically imported to our back-end servers and ready for distribution.  We do it all for you!

Your Value Proposition

Many companies struggle to identify what makes them unique, how are they different and what product or service do they provide better than everyone else? You must outline this yourself. No e-mail marketing company is going to help you here. This is a consulting service that they simply do not offer.

Commence is a marketing consulting firm.  Our team will help you fine tune your value proposition, making it easier to understand while creating an elevator pitch that resonates with prospective new customers.

Template Creation

You need to design a road map that includes a series of e-mail marketing templates spanning at least 90 to 120 days and each should have a call to action such as, download a free white paper, get a product trial or a free sample. E-mail marketing services often offer a template library whereby you can take a pre-built campaign and tailor it for your use. The challenge here is consistency. It takes time and effort and some level of expertise to build a series of campaigns and landing pages. Typically, companies with the help of the service provider will get the first campaign completed and out the door and maybe even a second one before they cry UNCLE. They quickly realize that they do not have the time or expertise to create a series of campaigns that cover the next 6 to 9 months. As a result, there are often huge gaps of time between mailings and therefore no consistency. Consistency is key to building brand recognition.

As part of the Commence lead generation service our marketing team will build a series of campaign templates for your approval, each with a call to action. These are custom templates designed specifically for your business and can be scheduled to cover any period of time such as, six months, nine months or one year.

Campaign Distribution

E-mail marketing services do a good job of distributing your campaigns if you provide them with an opt in mailing list. The challenge for most businesses is simply deciding what are you going to send out, when will you send the campaigns (weekly, monthly, quarterly) and to whom will you be sending them? This really requires the road map discussed earlier that outlines a plan of attack for the next six months to one year. Don’t expect to get any assistance with this from traditional e-mail marketing products. They don’t provide this.

Commence does. As part of the company’s lead generation service Commence will produce a document outlining what campaigns are going out, who they are going to, and the dates and times of each mailing.

Campaign Effectiveness

How do you plan to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns? Most e-mail marketing services will provide you with reports of who opened the campaign, deleted it, or asked to unsubscribe, but there is no nurturing program or distinction between hot, warm, and cold leads and there is no one to suggest recommendations on how to improve open and click through rates.

Commence Corporation offers an automated lead scoring capability that assigns points to each prospect based on their behavior. For example, those that open a campaign are assigned two points, those that clicked on a call to action are assigned three points and those that ask to schedule a call are assigned five points. The higher the point total the more qualified the lead is. This ensures that your sales team is laser focused on the most promising new opportunities. In addition, the leads are imported and tracked in the Commence CRM system where you can add notes, schedule future activities and follow-ups and manage the new opportunity to closure.

Furthermore, the Commence marketing team will review and measure the performance of each campaign and recommend modifications if necessary to improve the number of opens and click-throughs. Try getting this from MailChimp or Constant Contact.

The Bottom Line

Commence Corporation offers an “All-in-One” E-mail Marketing and Lead Generation service that is filling the gap not addressed by today’s popular E-mail Marketing services. We will provide a prospect list of up to 100,000 contacts, help define your value proposition, build custom templates for your business, create a road map for campaign distribution, and score the leads based on how qualified they are. Commence is an affordable service that is delivering substantive value to our customers. Call Commence Sales at 877-266-6362 or e-mail us at sales@commence.com.

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