Month: April 2012

Thinking about Sales: Just Listen!

By CommenceCRM / April 27, 2012

This is a Sales Best Practices article from guest poster Dave Kahle, author and leading sales educator. Follow Dave’s latest Tweets at @davekahle. By Dave Kahle I recently came across some research that confirmed what many of us in the profession of educating sales people have known for years: That purchasers would be “much more likely” to buy from a…

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How to Select CRM Software for the Right Reasons

By CommenceCRM / April 23, 2012

With a challenging economy, increased competition and pressure to improve performance many small to mid-size companies are looking for ways to become a more efficient sales and service organization.  Let’s take a quick look at why people are choosing to implement CRM software. Unable to access and view customer data Not generating enough new business opportunities Leads and sales opportunities…

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Mobile CRM Becoming Key to Managing Customer Relationships

By CommenceCRM / April 20, 2012

Companies that are not using mobile technology to manage customer relationships may find that they are losing ground to competitors that are.

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4 Reasons Why Small to Mid-Size Businesses Need Sales Software

By CommenceCRM / April 17, 2012

Nothing can be more frustrating for management than seeing new leads and promising sales opportunities fall through the cracks, but this is often the norm for many small to mid-size businesses. And when it comes to timely and accurate sales forecast, well sales management might be better served looking into a crystal ball. Why do so many small and mid-size…

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Your Sales Pipeline – How Can You Manage It More Effectively?

By CommenceCRM / April 16, 2012

A sales pipeline does nothing more than provide you with an analysis of the demand for your product or service. It’s the management of the pipeline that helps improve close ratios and drive more revenue.  In order to properly manage the sales pipeline you need an effective system that can properly display where each opportunity is in the sales cycle.…

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CRM Software Without Limits

By CommenceCRM / April 13, 2012

What’s the difference between low end CRM offerings and the ones that truly provide value?   It’s significant if you know where to look. Smaller companies typically have two business challenges — data consolidation and generating new business.   Some use contact managers or an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of customers, contacts, notes and e-mail. And when it comes to…

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Sales Best Practice #3 – Has an excellent working relationship with the boss

By CommenceCRM / April 11, 2012

A best practice for sales people by guest poster Dave Kahle, author and leading sales educator. By Dave Kahle The best salespeople understand that their company has assembled a collection of resources into which they can tap in order to further their sales success.  One such resource is your sales manager. Now, I understand that the quality of sales managers…

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3 Most Common Mistakes when Choosing a CRM

By CommenceCRM / April 6, 2012

Targeting these three things will help you choose CRM software that is the best fit for your business.

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Is Management to Blame for CRM Failures?

By CommenceCRM / April 4, 2012

Get Motivated By Value Not Price The CRM software sector is in a bit of disarray. There was a time not so long ago when companies would select CRM software products based on the value and return on investment they felt they would realize from the solution they chose. Smart businesses were well prepared and engaged CRM solution providers with…

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