By CommenceCRM

3 Most Common Mistakes when Choosing a CRM

Almost Bull's Eye...With the vast choice of Customer Relationship Management software available, it is easy to get overwhelmed and make a decision that is not right for your organization. There are three common mistakes made by organizations that lead them to select CRM software that may not be the best fit for their business.

  1. Failing to examine the issues within a business that create the need for a CRM solution. Exposing problems within an organization can be difficult, especially when the business is small. If you are the owner or part of the management team it can be even more difficult to acknowledge problems as they began under your watch. This can lead to major problems and voids in the business being disguised or down played. The key is to catch problems as they begin to form and before they become a part of the businesses process. This will save you time, money and your customers’ loyalty.
  2. Choosing an easy fit solution, which does not actually address the problems they have discovered. Although CRM solutions are becoming more advanced and offer more features and functionality, it is no use to an organization if it does not address the needs, and tackle the voids and problems in the organization. The solution needs to fill a void in the company’s processes and repair a problem that exists, rather than focus on processes that are already successful.
  3. Failing to clearly define the goals of the CRM system before implementing it. When a CRM system is installed it is normal for the business to alter some of its goals as new functionality brings new ideas. However it can often happen that some of the original goals of the business are forgotten with the distraction of the CRM software. If an organization regularly changes it goals then it is impossible to track how successful the implementation of the CRM system has been. A CRM system cannot be viewed as successful if the objectives that led to its selection have been changed once it is implemented.

These are very common mistakes that can occur when choosing customer relationship management software. Now that you are aware you can avoid them and find the perfect CRM system to suit the needs of your organization.

Image “Almost Bull’s Eye…” by Mr. Sandman on Flickr under Creative Commons license.