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Sales Best Practice #3 – Has an excellent working relationship with the boss

A best practice for sales people by guest poster Dave Kahle, author and leading sales educator.

By Dave Kahle

two businessmen shaking handsThe best salespeople understand that their company has assembled a collection of resources into which they can tap in order to further their sales success.  One such resource is your sales manager.

Now, I understand that the quality of sales managers varies tremendously.  Some salespeople view their sales manager as a liability. That is unfortunate.  But that is not the point.  Regardless of your opinion as to the competency of your sales manager, you still must work with him/her.  And that means that you must have a working relationship with that person.

In my tenure as a salesperson, I had eight sales managers.  Seven of the eight were solid and experienced with good people skills – an asset in front of any customer.  One was incredibly pushy and alienated every customer with whom he spoke.

If you are fortunate enough to have to a manager who brings additional resources and strengths to your customers, good for you.  By all means take advantage of that.

If, however,  you believe your sales manager doesn’t have that kind of capability, then do what you need to do to limit his/her exposure to your customers.  Find the strengths that he/she does possess, and seek ways to utilize them.  That doesn’t mean, however, you should disrespect, belittle, or ignore your sales manager.

You are an employee of a company, and therefore you have a moral and legal obligation to be a good employee, and to respect and interact positively with your manager.

An excellent working relationship with your boss will strengthen your sales ability, prevent unnecessary stress, and make your life easier.

It may take time and effort.  But, having an excellent working relationship with your boss is one of the best practices of the best.

If you’d like to dig deeper into this best practice, and if you are a member of The Sales Resource Center™, consider Pod-34: Ethics for the Professional Salesperson, and Nuggets N-96: Integrity; and N-215.

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