By CommenceCRM

Mobile CRM Becoming Key to Managing Customer Relationships

Tablet use 2

Customers are your lifeline which is why you need to respond quickly when they call for assistance. In order to meet customer expectations your staff will require immediate access to customer data whether they are in the office or away on business.

While online CRM software programs have traditionally been focused on capturing and storing customer data, many of these systems now support remote or wireless access to customer data via smart phones and tablets like the Apple iPad.  This makes it easy for sales and support staff to respond quickly to new sales inquiries or service requests.  The explosion of wireless devices has caused several industry experts to predict the death of the traditional personal computer. While it is doubtful this will happen in the near term, there is no question that we will see an increase in mobile devices utilization and an increased requirement for data access to meet sales and customer service expectations.

Companies that are not using mobile technology to manage customer relationships may find that they are losing ground to competitors that are.

With this in mind customers looking to implement CRM software will want to pay close attention to the CRM vendor’s mobile capability.  With the ever changing mobile device market, access to customer data via an Internet browser will provide you with the flexibility and comfort of knowing that as new devices enter the market you will be able to utilize them to access your customer data.

Image “Tablet use 2” by ebayink on Flickr under Creative Commons license.