Month: March 2011

Contact Management Users Express Interest in Commence Online CRM

By CommenceCRM / March 25, 2011

Commence Corporation, one of the leading providers of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, is experiencing a higher than usual interest in their online CRM software from users of traditional desktop contact management software. “There are thousands of users of the older desktop software programs such as Act, Goldmine, Maximizer and others”, says Larry Caretsky, president of Commence Corporation. “These companies…

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Online CRM Software Made Easy

By CommenceCRM / March 21, 2011

Companies of all sizes are now taking advantage of online CRM or online Customer Relationship Management software.  The days of long and costly implementation cycles have been replaced by rapidly deployable online CRM solutions.  One of the companies enjoying a high degree of success in the CRM sector is Commence Corporation.  Commence has been providing customer management solutions for contact…

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Who Are the Top CRM Vendors? Just Ask Google.

By CommenceCRM / March 17, 2011

Companies that are considering the implementation of Customer Relationship Management software often use search engines like Google or Bing to learn about CRM systems and the recommended solution providers.  CRM vendors are well aware of this and as a result, companies like Microsoft, CRM and others are spending millions of dollars to get listed in the top positions: The…

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Commence CRM CEO Caretsky Spells Out CRM Product Differentiation

By CommenceCRM / March 13, 2011

Commence CRM Customers Commence Corporation is a leading provider of Customer Relationship Management solutions. The company’s products are designed to provide small to mid-size businesses with flexible solutions that leverage the Web to offer an integrated platform for managing sales execution and customer service. Commence supports several thousand customers through a world-wide distribution network, with outlets in North and South…

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Commence Delivers Unique Hybrid CRM Hosted Offering

By CommenceCRM / March 12, 2011

Photo owned by davidgsteadman (cc) When people think about hosted CRM software they think about using the Internet to access their data.  This is because the majority of CRM solutions today are web based, deployed as a hosted service over the Internet and accessed as a browser based CRM application. Commence Corporation has taken a slightly different approach to the…

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Commence CRM Rolls out Challenge to Customers

By CommenceCRM / March 11, 2011

TINTON FALLS, N.J. /PRBuzz/ March 10, 2011 –- Commence Corporation a leading provider of CRM software for mid-size and small enterprises is making an interesting and aggressive offer to companies looking to purchase or save money on their CRM system.  Commence is  willing to offer customers free use of the company’s top rated CRM software if they compare against Commence’s…

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A Better Value than the Giants in the CRM Space?

By CommenceCRM / March 7, 2011

By Jim Meade, Ph.D Industry Analyst As a software reviewer I have spent more than a decade looking at business solutions for the enterprise and mid-market space. While all the hype and fanfare traditionally surround the mainstream players, every so often I come across a smaller, less-known company whose products do an even better job than the big players of…

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Commence CRM Announces "March Madness" Promotions

By CommenceCRM / March 1, 2011

Photo owned by bigcityal (cc) Customers Offered Big Discounts on Top Rated CRM Software TINTON FALLS, N.J. (March 01, 2011) – Commence Corporation, a leading provider of Customer Relationship Management software (CRM), is offering new customers big discounts on their world class online CRM software during the month of March.  “March is the company’s fiscal year end and we are looking…

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