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Commence Delivers Unique Hybrid CRM Hosted Offering

Hybrid Cloud On Premise CRM Solution
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When people think about hosted CRM software they think about using the Internet to access their data.  This is because the majority of CRM solutions today are web based, deployed as a hosted service over the Internet and accessed as a browser based CRM application.

Commence Corporation has taken a slightly different approach to the deployment of their CRM software.   While the majority of businesses do select the company’s web based CRM offering, more and more are beginning to turn to a hybrid CRM deployment, where the CRM software is implemented on each personal computer with only the server being hosted by Commence Corporation.  This hybrid approach provides a full offline CRM client and is attractive to companies that do not have a reliable Internet connection and for those that would like to ensure that they have a copy of their data in-house.

Because the software is implemented on each computer, the Internet is only used periodically to update the main CRM server.  As a result, if an Internet connection is not available each employee can continue using the CRM system since they are interacting with their local offline CRM client on a desktop or laptop computer.  When the Internet connection returns, the CRM server is automatically updated with any changes that have been made.

“It’s really the best of both worlds”, says Larry Caretsky, president of Commence Corporation. “The customer can utilize our CRM software on premise and have immediate, local and offline access to their data without having to rely on an Internet connection.  Meanwhile our professional engineers are taking care of managing the server hardware and providing critical IT services such as back-up and recovery and managing the system security, such as virus protection.  This allows our customers to focus their energy on growing their businesses”.

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