By CommenceCRM

Online CRM Software Made Easy

Companies of all sizes are now taking advantage of online CRM or online Customer Relationship Management software.  The days of long and costly implementation cycles have been replaced by rapidly deployable online CRM solutions.  One of the companies enjoying a high degree of success in the CRM sector is Commence Corporation.  Commence has been providing customer management solutions for contact management, sales force automation, marketing campaign management and customer service for more than two decades.

Commence CRM has been designed for mid size and smaller enterprises and as such is modular in design, easy to use and affordable.  Commence CRM software is also very customizable and can be deployed and operational within 24 hours.  Perhaps the greatest strength of this online CRM solution is the products home page or CRM dashboard.  The dashboard displays information such as your e-mail, today’s calendar and to-do’s, new leads, sales opportunities to follow-up on, alerts, service tickets, projects, and even a sales funnel that displays where each new sales opportunity is in the sales cycle.  End users find that they can conduct 90% of their daily business without ever leaving the CRM dashboard home page, making the learning curve extremely short and enabling them realize a rapid return on their investment.

Commence online CRM is ranked among the top ten cloud CRM systems in the industry. Learn more about Commence online CRM and how it can help grow your business.