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Commence CRM CEO Caretsky Spells Out CRM Product Differentiation

Commence CRM Customers

Commence Corporation is a leading provider of Customer Relationship Management solutions. The company’s products are designed to provide small to mid-size businesses with flexible solutions that leverage the Web to offer an integrated platform for managing sales execution and customer service. Commence supports several thousand customers through a world-wide distribution network, with outlets in North and South America, Europe and Asia/Pacific.

The Commence CRM client roster is impressive and includes ABC television, Alcatel, American Express, Bank One, Bank of America, BP, Brinks, Century 21, EDS, Exactech, Ford, General Electric, Handyman Connection, IBM, Merrill Lynch, PNCBank, Northrop Grumman, NYPD, New York Post, Princess Cruises, Raytheon, Shell, Siemens, Sprint, Steelcase, St. Luke’s Hospital, TDK, Tele Atlas, and Unicef are just some of the marquis clients. The company has embraced the small business CRM market as well.

Mid-market CRM Competition

TR Cutler, a leading business journalist, recently interviewed Larry Caretsky, CEO of Commence Corporation, to learn more about the company is competing with the large players in the CRM space such as Cutler asked Caretsky, “How does a company like Commence compete against the Goliath of and other CRM giants that are publicly traded and well-financed?” Caretsky answered, “Well in this “pay to play industry” it is hard to rise above the noise of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and The way Commence succeeds is to simply be better at one or two aspects of the business then the big guys. Commence has been very clear in differentiation and continues to quietly and consistently earn new customers and build solid references. The single most significant CRM differentiator Commence possessed versus the big CRM giants is our business model.’s objective, for example, is to sell their solution to as many companies as possible regardless of size or industry. The only way to do this is to develop a generic set of CRM features that supports the general business requirements of companies across all industries. This one size fits all approach does not work in all industry sectors. has recognized this short-coming and created an add-on development tool that allows for the customization of their CRM solution. The problem is that the SMB space has no interest in doing custom development, nor has the infrastructure to support it.”

Commence CRM, unlike Salesforce CRM, is developing specific vertical industry solutions that are already tailored to the unique business requirements of the customers in each particular sector. The result…customers can achieve a rapid return on their investment (ROI) without costly development work. Commence currently has a tailored solution for manufacturers and distributors and a construction vertical CRM is in development.

Commence Corporation has posted the entire interview at: Commence, a David and Goliath Story. Commence is offering a small to midsize business site license program that will enable customers to add users at no additional cost. Site licenses start at a five user level and require an annual contract.