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Commence CRM Rolls out Challenge to Customers

prbuzz press release newswire (1)TINTON FALLS, N.J. /PRBuzz/ March 10, 2011 –- Commence Corporation a leading provider of CRM software for mid-size and small enterprises is making an interesting and aggressive offer to companies looking to purchase or save money on their CRM system.  Commence is  willing to offer customers free use of the company’s top rated CRM software if they compare against Commence’s offering and do not agree that Commence is an equal or better product at a significantly lower cost.

“We are essentially asking customers to take the Pepsi challenge” says Larry Caretsky, president of Commence. “A few years ago Salesforce CRM was the only game in town” says Caretsky, ” but not any more. The gap has closed and they don’t offer anything more than we do at much higher price points.  The objective of this program is to simply introduce Commence to potential customers, and let them decide which product is better for their business.  If they can demonstrate that our solution is not comparable based on the key CRM features most businesses use at a lower cost we will offer them the opportunity to use our solution for free for the first six months, then decide if they wish to continue with it or not”.

Customers that have reviewed the key features of both products have found to be cumbersome and complex, while Commence CRM is easier to use and navigate and also less costly.

Another advantage for larger customers is that there is no on-premise offering available from Commence CRM can be hosted via the cloud or implemented on-premise as a CRM server appliance.  This is extremely attractive to large customers that want to control their CRM system and keep their data in house. While Commence may not be as well known as, the company is no stranger to the CRM space. Commence has been providing CRM software solutions to mid-size and small enterprises for two decades and has several thousand customers around the world.  To learn more about Commence CRM, visit the company’s web site at or call Commence sales at 1-877- 266-6362.

About Commence Corporation:

Founded in 1988, Commence develops and delivers a diverse suite of award winning CRM software that integrates people, processes and technology.  Available on-premise or online, Commence CRM solutions are utilized by several thousand businesses to streamline sales and customer service front office business processes.  As a result, Commence clients increase workforce productivity, generate positive customer interactions and reduce operational cost.

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