Month: January 2022

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Customer Segmentation Software

By CommenceCRM / January 26, 2022

Do you need Customer Segmentation Software? The simple answer is yes, but you need the right solution to efficiently manage customers and maximize the lifetime value of their business. Most Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software provides you with the ability to capture, manage and share customer information throughout your organization but they also leave you short in two areas. First…

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Commence CRM Marketing CRM As A Service

By CommenceCRM / January 20, 2022

Marketing automation has become a core component of CRM software products and for good reason. Every company needs to build brand recognition and generate new business opportunities. It’s critical to the growth of any business. So how can you find the best Marketing solution for your business? Well, the internet offers dozens of articles and advertisements to guide you such…

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Commence Adds Scoring to CRM Lead Tracking Software

By CommenceCRM / January 13, 2022

Capturing and tracking leads is a critical function of any business. Leads can be generated from multiple avenues such as e-mail campaigns, trade shows, social media, pay per click, purchase of lead lists or your web site, but one thing is clear, they don’t come cheap. This is why the proper vetting of leads is so important. Failure to do…

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CRM for Mid-Size Companies

By CommenceCRM / January 6, 2022

The CRM software sector offers a myriad of solutions for small businesses that have very simple or minimal requirements. This is because the cost of entry into this sector is very low.  Any solution provider that manages contacts, notes, activities and can produce a sales forecast falls into the small business CRM bucket. These products range in price from free to…

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