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Marketing automation has become a core component of CRM software products and for good reason. Every company needs to build brand recognition and generate new business opportunities. It’s critical to the growth of any business. So how can you find the best Marketing solution for your business? Well, the internet offers dozens of articles and advertisements to guide you such as, best Marketing CRM, Top 5 CRM for Marketing, Top 10 CRM for Marketing even the 8 best CRMs for Marketing. What’s funny is that you would think the Top 5 solutions would also be in the same listing as the Top 10 or Best 8 CRMs for Marketing, but they are not. You can figure out why yourself.  

Despite this, these products are all pretty much the same and they can deliver substantial value in the hands of experienced marketing professionals.  Here lies the problem. When you buy a CRM solution for Marketing, you are buying a set of tools that will enable you to design, build and distribute bulk e-mail marketing programs. The challenge for most small to mid-size businesses is that they do not have experienced marketing personnel to use the tools and as a result they do not get utilized. Some bulk e-mail providers have tried to address this problem by providing customers with a set of pre-built marketing templates that can be modified by your marketing person or staff. This is a great start but continues to fall short. The customer, with the help of the bulk e-mail provider, typically gets the first mailer done and out the door, but rarely executes a consistent set of mailers throughout the year. It is simply a haphazard approach to marketing and lead generation that does not deliver any results.  

Commence Corporation is one CRM solution provider that understands that acquiring marketing tools are not the problem for most small to mid-size businesses. It’s much bigger than that. To be successful your company needs an experienced marketing professional to design and execute your marketing campaigns, or a third party to provide advice and counsel to ensure your success. This is what differentiates Commence CRM. The company has coupled its marketing tools with experienced marketing professionals to do just that. 

Step 1. Start by identifying your target audience and a statement of what you do better than anyone else. Next is acquiring a list of contacts to mail to. This is provided by Commence.  

Step 2. A series of campaigns are designed by the Commence professional services staff and scheduled for distribution using the Commence CRM Marketing application. The campaigns are scheduled periodically so that you have a consistent flow of campaigns going to the target audience.  

Step 3. Landing pages are designed that provide new prospects a call to action such as get a free quote, download a white paper, get a free sample and more. 

Step 4. Every new lead is ranked and scored based on behavior. For example, 2 points if the campaign was opened, 3 additional points if they clicked on a call to action. Once the new lead reaches a specific point total they are turned over to the sales team for follow-up.  

This program has been successful because Commence CRM is filling the gap for businesses that want to generate effective marketing campaigns but simply do not have the expertise to get the job done. To learn more about Commence CRM for marketing call us at 877-266-6362 or visit https://commence.com/#