By CommenceCRM

Commence Adds Scoring to CRM Lead Tracking Software

Capturing and tracking leads is a critical function of any business. Leads can be generated from multiple avenues such as e-mail campaigns, trade shows, social media, pay per click, purchase of lead lists or your web site, but one thing is clear, they don’t come cheap. This is why the proper vetting of leads is so important. Failure to do so means that your most expensive asset your sales force may be spending valuable time and money chasing tire kickers instead of engaging with highly qualified prospects.

Commence, a leading provider of CRM sales automation tools and services, has created a clever way to help businesses better qualify leads. Commence CRM color codes each leads based on a series of pre-determined criteria for example, is there a critical need for the product or service you are selling, what are the competitive alternatives, is there a proper budget in place, are the decision makers engaged and what is the time frame for a decision. The questions can be whatever is appropriate for your business. The key point here is that the CRM system will color code each lead based on the answers to your questions but Commence CRM does not stop there. The system also incorporates a point scoring system based on additional criteria, for example 2 points if the prospect inquired via a call or e-mail, 2 points if they are a referral, 3 points if they responded to an e-mail campaign as examples. The color coding and point scoring system cleverly vet out the tire kickers, leaving the sales team with highly qualified prospects.

The lead above, NewCo has 3.5 stars and 16 points. This means that this company is a solid prospect that meets your criteria and has expressed an interest in your product or service via an inquiry, e-mail, or telephone call to your sales organization.  The Commence CRM system has not only helped customers qualify leads but has also improved the close ratio for winning new customers. This certainly makes sense. If you are efficiently scoring new opportunities and only working with the most qualified ones you are going to close more business.

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