By CommenceCRM

Customer Segmentation Software

Do you need Customer Segmentation Software? The simple answer is yes, but you need the right solution to efficiently manage customers and maximize the lifetime value of their business. Most Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software provides you with the ability to capture, manage and share customer information throughout your organization but they also leave you short in two areas. First is customer segmentation. This is the ability to segment your customer base on a variety of profiles such as company size, revenue, specific industry, by product or geographic location. This is critical to provide high quality customer service and create marketing campaigns for upselling or cross selling opportunities. For example, you would not assign an inexperienced service representative to manage your largest most profitable accounts; you need to be able to segment them from others so that you can quickly identify them. Furthermore, building efficient and effective marketing campaigns will be highly dependent on how your customers are segmented.

Commence CRM is a popular solution that does this very well. With Commence, you can quickly create multiple customer and prospect databases. This allows you to segment your customers and manage each segment differently. In the example below we have segmented Business Partners, Government Accounts, Non-Active Customers, Suppliers, and Vendors. You can now manage each category the way you wish. For cross selling you can select the specific profile of customers and/or prospects you want to market to and create specific marketing mailers targeted at each segment. Commence also provides you with the ability to color code your customers. The red ones shown below represent your best customers based on specific criteria such as: they spend more money with you than others, your profit margin is high, service requirements are low, or they represent a high growth potential. You can create whatever criteria for color coding that you like.

Commence CRM also provides you with the ability to assign specific customers and prospects to specific people within your organization or to teams of people like the major account team or the government accounts team. Prospects can be assigned to specific sales representatives or a sales team. This level of flexibility is one of the key differentiators between Commence CRM and the myriad of cookie cutter solutions on the market. To learn more, contact Commence Sales at 877-266-6362 or via e-mail at sales@commence.com.