Month: September 2018

Time Management: An ounce of prevention

By Dave Kahle / September 27, 2018

What would you do if the phone lines went down for an extended period of time? How about the electrical power? What if a virus took down your computer system? What if you had your laptop stolen?

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Ticket Automation Key to Quality Customer Service

By CommenceCRM / September 19, 2018

Customers have an expectation that they can get their questions resolved 24/7. To get a leg up on your competition you need to provide this level of support.

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Commence Corporation: Delivering Top-Notch Solutions to Businesses Around The Globe

By CommenceCRM / September 14, 2018

The CRM software sector has become a mature market, and the presence of hundreds of the CRM solutions providers has made the market a commodity today.  The majority of companies offer products that are specifically targeted at improving internal productivity, such as the ability to capture, manage and share account and contact information, keep track of sales opportunities and deliver…

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Commence CRM Filling the Gap for Middle Market Companies

By CommenceCRM / September 6, 2018

Even with hundreds of CRM systems to choose from, mid-market companies are still having difficulty finding the right solution at a price they can afford.

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