By CommenceCRM

Commence CRM Filling the Gap for Middle Market Companies

The CRM sector is one of the most competitive environments in the software industry.  At last count there were several hundred software programs to choose from ranging from very basic free offerings to those costing more than $300 per user per month.   Despite this, middle market companies often have difficulty finding the right solution for their business.

Here’s why.  Midsize firms often require a broader array of functionality and system administration than is provided by the basic low-cost solutions.

Broader functional requirements often include an integrated marketing system; a help desk or ticketing system; managing documents and attachments; group calendaring capability; seamless e-mail integration; advanced analytical reporting; and project management. They may also need administrative tools that enable them to quickly and efficiently manage user permissions and security. Also needed is the flexibility to tailor the product to address changing business requirements.

The problem is that even a subset of this broader functionality rules out roughly 90% of the CRM systems on the market.  Of course, there are always the enterprise level companies that can address the above and much more, but these systems while rich in functionality are often too expensive and are known to be difficult to use.

Commence Corporation, manufacturers of Commence CRM, has specifically targeted the middle market with a robust product offering that rivals enterprise level products costing much more.  The company offer a comprehensive suite of functionality coupled with a user interface that is clean, simple and easy to use.  Commence CRM’s price points are a fraction of the cost of enterprise product offerings.

One of the compelling reasons why customers select Commence CRM is the modular design of the product.  It allows you to select only those applications that you need today and the flexibility to add additional modules later.  In addition, the robust application suite ensures that you will not outgrow Commence and be forced to migrate to another CRM solution in the future.

The administrative functions for managing and customizing Commence CRM is another strong point and there are no limitations to the number of accounts, contacts, e-mails or reports you can run as there traditionally are with competitive products at Commence CRM’s price point. Customer support is another strength of Commence. The company has an experienced team of sales, marketing and customer service professionals that have been engaged with several hundred implementations of the product and customer references are outstanding.  If you are a mid-size company of 10 to 200 users, take a look at Commence CRM before making your decision.  I think you will be quite happy that you did.  Visit  for more information or call 1-877-COMMENCE.