By CommenceCRM

Ticket Automation Key to Quality Customer Service

Let’s face it in today’s competitive environment the difference between someone buying from you or your competition will often be their buying experience.  CRM systems with ticket integration enable sales, administrative and service personnel to view the entire buying and service history of the customer.  This is great because it enables your staff to react quickly and efficiently to customer inquiries. But interacting with customers during normal working hours is simply not good enough anymore. Customers have an expectation that they can get their questions resolved 24/7 and if you want to get a leg up on your competition you need to provide this level of support.

Commence Corporation, makers of Commence CRM, has introduced some advanced functionality that incorporates automated workflow processes into their customer support software.  Commence CRM offers a customer service portal that enables your customers to submit service tickets or inquiries during or after your normal business hours. An automated response system automatically acknowledges receipt of the ticket. Additionally, it can offer some suggestions on where the customer may find the information they need.  It may direct them to an FAQ section or a knowledge base that are both built into the Customer Support system, or simply inform them that a staff member will be in touch shortly.  The objective here is to enable you to provide a world class level of service to customers or potential customers before, during and after the sale.  This automation also can schedule follow-up communication to ensure that the customer has gotten their questions addressed and that they are completely satisfied. For additional information or for a product demonstration contact Commence Sales at 1-877-Commence.