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Commence Corporation: Delivering Top-Notch Solutions to Businesses Around The Globe

The CRM software sector has become a mature market, and the presence of hundreds of the CRM solutions providers has made the market a commodity today.  The majority of companies offer products that are specifically targeted at improving internal productivity, such as the ability to capture, manage and share account and contact information, keep track of sales opportunities and deliver outstanding customer services through the automated ticket management.

Incepted in 1990, Commence Corporation has coupled a robust set of business applications with a set of best practices that ensure the proper implementation, training and utilization of the company’s products. An experienced team of sales, marketing and customer service professionals help customers define and implement a structured sales methodology, build brand recognition via social and drip marketing programs and implement a customer portal that enables the customers to offer web based self service programs to their customers. Very few companies that service the SMB sector can offer the scope of functionality and the value added services that Commence provides.

Based in New Jersey, USA, Commence has been in the CRM sector for more than two decades and targets the mid-sized businesses.

Calling the Shots at Commence

Larry Caretsky, CEO of Commence Corporation has more than 30 years of experience in the computer software industry and is responsible for the company’s global business operations. Larry began his professional journey with Shared Medical System, a division of Seimens Healthcare and has also held executive level positions in several enterprise software companies including McKesson HBOC, Cognos and Synon Corporation.

His sincere efforts and dedication to work has fruitfully resulted in Commence Corporation becoming one of the top rated software companies in the CRM sector. He is also considered an expert in the CRM industry and has written numerous articles about the proper use of CRM software to improve sales execution and customer service and authored an e-book. Larry is currently creating a series of CRM industry podcasts designed to help SMRs use CRM software to help automate and streamline their internal business processes.

CEO’s Expert Views on the Future of CRM Sector

Sharing his views on the future developments in the CRM sector, Larry asserts, “Over the coming years, I think we will see a significant shift towards solutions which are targeted at enabling customers to grow their business by being more proactive with prospects and customers. This will require a different type and level of automation such as artificial intelligence (AI) programs that analyze customer buying habits and trends, create automatic responses to customer inquiries and optimize the power of social networks via tighter integration. Future CRM solutions will enable companies to immediately engage with customers so that they can improve their buying or service experience.”

Source of Inspiration behind Commence

The company was established on the founders belief that small to mid-size businesses (SMB’s) wanted to take advantage of the same technology that big enterprises were utilizing to grow their business. However, the products available at the time were very expensive and difficult to operate. The management of Commence Corporation saw a wonderful opportunity to exploit the SMB space by creating an easy to use, affordable solution for capturing, tracking, managing and sharing customer information within an organization.

Challenges & Pitfalls During the Initial Days

The biggest challenge faced by the team was how to cost effectively introduce the products to the targeted market. The low cost of the product did not support a professional sales team. Furthermore, there was no internet at that time or social sites to build brand recognition. Traditional marketing channels such as public relations firms, trade shows and print ads were expensive too. Therefore, the decision makers of Commence decided to recruit consultants and third party resellers, and started exploiting their business experience and customer relationships as a distribution channel. The program was very successful and enabled Commence to attain a large customer base serving  30 industries in more than a dozen countries around the world.

Maintaining Client Relationships

Commence boasts one of the highest levels of customer retention in the CRM sector with numerous customers using the product for over a decade. The reason behind this customer loyalty is the level of engagement the company delivers with every installation, which ensures that the customers receive maximum value from the Commence’s solutions. This interaction also provides the product management with additional requirements for their future product releases based on the customer demands. Larry and his team share that their customers play a vital role in the success and growth of the company.

Innovative & Experienced Team Behind Commence

Commence has an experienced staff of  sales, marketing and customer service personnel, who have been working with the company for an average 16 years. They possess two qualities, a high degree of expertise in these disciplines as well as a high level of commitment to ensure that the customers will be successful with their softwares. Larry and his team employ only the experienced professionals with prior sales, marketing and customer service experience. Excellent testimonials from Commence’s customers support this position.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

Commence targets the companies that need more than just a basic one size CRM solution. The CRM solutions provider offers a comprehensive range of solutions with functionality that is only found in high end, expensive solutions. Moreover, Commence delivers feature rich solutions, supported by professional sales executives, marketing and service personnel, thereby rendering value added services to its customers. While the robust functionality often differentiates Commence, the professional services the team provides is the real differentiator.

Future Strategies & Mileposts for Commence

The SMB sector continues to be the fastest growing market for CRM software and Commence is very well positioned to enjoy the continued success for more than two decades. Larry asserts, “With regard to technological adoptions, it is critical that the team continues to launch new features and capabilities to its customers in order to maintain their competitive advantage.”  Since, the introduction of new technology often requires the need for additional services, the leading CRM solutions provider expects continued revenue growth, as numerous companies are likely to seek assistance with the implementation and utilization of new technology in the future.