By CommenceCRM

Is Your Shoestring Marketing Budget Keeping You from Moving Forward?

Small to midsize businesses are struggling to build Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA) and execute a consistent marketing strategy that promotes their product or service and generates new business. There are several reasons for this, all of which can be addressed quickly and without breaking the bank.

The first challenge these businesses face is budgetary constraints. Many smaller companies cannot afford to hire the marketing expertise they need to design and execute a consistent marketing plan and management does not have the time to perform the required tasks.  As a result, their marketing plan consists of nothing more than sending a quarterly newsletter to their customer base with a focus on customer retention. When asked what they are doing about building brand awareness, and what social media platforms they are using to generate new business opportunities, they look at me like a deer in headlights.

What these businesses do not appreciate is that it has never been easier to compete as a small company or on a small budget.  Expensive industry trade shows, billboards and magazine advertising have given way to social media advertising platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and more.  Add bulk E-mail marketing programs to the mix and smaller companies can now reach their target audience quickly, cost effectively, and with a level of consistency that drives brand awareness.  Social media platforms have leveled the playing field giving smaller businesses the opportunity to compete.

Best of all, there are third-party marketing service providers that can design and manage this for you at a fraction of the cost of hiring an experienced marketing professional.  One company that has focused on providing marketing services to the small and midsize business community is Commence Corporation. Commence is focused on building consistency with bulk e-mail marketing programs and content distribution. The company provides the resources to ensure the execution of a consistent marketing plan that runs month after month after month. Commence starts by helping companies fully understand their value proposition and identify their target market based on the following.

What customers do you serve better than anyone else?

What are your customers competing alternatives?

What value added services do you deliver to customers?

How can you communicate the above to prospective customers?

How can we convert prospective customers to new customers?

Once this is complete the Commence team goes to work, acquiring a target list of prospects, building a series of e-mail campaigns, distributing the mailers, and managing the performance of each campaign. Commence also offers content development and distribution as an extension of their service.  The Commence service is provided for just a few hundred dollars a month so there is simply no reason to delay. If you do not have a consistent marketing program in place stop kicking the can down the road and call Commence at 877-266-6362.