By CommenceCRM

Top Choice Lead Generation Services for Small to Midsize Companies


Every company wants and needs new business opportunities to fuel their growth. The good news is that there are a myriad of companies that offer an array of lead generation services. But most of these solutions typically offer just one or two of the components you need to design and execute an effective marketing campaign.

I suspect that you have received dozens of e-mails from companies looking to sell you a list of your competitors’ clients or a contact list for businesses in your specific industry. I think we have all tried this at least once and became frustrated with outdated lists that provided little to no value. Other services offer pre-built marketing templates that you can use to generate a bulk e-mail campaign. The templates are not great, but perhaps good enough to get a mailer out the door. Some of the services offer to distribute the mail campaigns for you, but they will only send them to people who have agreed to receive solicitations from you. As a result, these campaigns typically consist of a quarterly newsletter to your existing customers and that’s about it. That’s a good start, but it does not drive new business.

So why has this become so hard? Well, it is because these existing services do not address the marketing challenges that face small to mid-size companies.

What should SMBs look for when choosing a Lead Generation Service?

For the most effective marketing campaign management, look for an all-in-one provider like Commence Corporation. Commence is a full-service marketing firm that has coupled its marketing automation tools with experienced marketing professionals.

Full-service Lead Generation includes:

+ Acquiring a list of several thousand targeted prospects.

+ Fine tuning your value proposition – what makes you different and unique.

+ Building custom marketing templates for you.

+ E-mails delivered on a pre-scheduled timetable.

+ New Leads are tracked and rated in our CRM or yours if you have a CRM system.

+ Reports are automatically generated for measuring the performance of each campaign.

The Commence marketing team does all the above for you while providing you with best practices for building top of mind awareness (TOMA). Put simply, the best lead generation service acts as an affordable, outsourced marketing department for your small business. Perhaps the most exciting thing about working with Commence is the level of expertise the staff provides to customers, and at a fraction of the cost of hiring just one marketing person. It is this combination of marketing tools and marketing expertise that has made a Commence a top choice among lead generation services.

If you feel that you are struggling to design and execute a marketing program that will consistently build brand recognition and generate new business call us at 1-877-266-6362.