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Commence – Best All in One Lead Generation Service

If you are a small to mid-size company, you have probably been bombarded by e-mails pitching lead generation services. It is a booming market because every company, large or small, wants and needs new business opportunities. The problem with most lead generation services is that they offer a piecemeal approach to addressing this critical need. Most common are the companies selling contact lists. You tell them your specific requirements such as company size, SIC codes, job titles or geographic location and they will sell you an expensive list of names and e-mail addresses, many of which will bounce back when mailed to. It’s just the way it is.  Sometimes they spice it up by telling you they can get you a list of companies using your competitor’s product or service.   That’s just great if you are in the replacement business, but most companies are not. 

Once you have purchased the list you can use tools like MailChimp or Constant Contact to build a few bulk e-mail campaigns and mail them out using their distribution service. Of course, you must be careful because you can only use these services to send e-mail to people who have opted in to receive information from you, and guess what? No one on the list you just purchased did. So now what? How is your marketing plan going so far? You have an expensive list of contacts; you have taken the time to learn how to create a few mailers and are now stuck in the mud with very few contacts to send anything to other than your existing customers.    

Next you have the companies that will set appointments for you. These are outbound telemarketing companies that will schedule meetings for you and charge either a flat fee per meeting/lead or a monthly fee for a finite number of meetings. This sounds great until you discover that most of the meetings are with staff members that don’t make any decisions for their company.  I call them scouts. Someone told them to investigate a specific product or service so they agree to a meeting so that they can educate themselves on behalf of their company and all at your expense.   

Lastly, are the companies selling Search Engine Optimization services or SEO.  They promise to get you on page one of Google so that you double or triple the number of inquiries you get each day. It sounds almost too good to be true and that’s because it is.  Getting on page one of the major search engine sites takes years of effort and in many cases depending on the size of your industry and the number of competitors you have it may be impossible for certain keywords. Ok, so why am I telling you all of this. Well, it is because you need to look at lead generation as a multi lane highway.  Yes, you need to create and distribute bulk e-mail campaigns, have a team of salespeople internally or externally making calls and following up on inquiries and you need to do some SEO to build brand recognition, but this is no easy task. You cannot do it alone and you cannot take a piecemeal approach to this, trying to coordinate three to four different service providers. You need a full-service partner to help create a road map that will deliver a reasonable return on your investment.  Commence Corporation is that partner. 

The Commence Professional Services team begins by taking a deep look at your business, and identifying what customers you serve better than anyone else.  They will help you to formulate your value proposition and identify what are the best methods to communicate your message to your target audience.  Maybe it is via bulk e-mail campaigns, telemarketing or SEO services, banner advertisements, social media postings like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, paid listings or a focus on content creation and distribution. It doesn’t matter. The Commence team will identify the best direction for your business and do all the work. Need a list of targeted prospects? We will get it for you. Need to design a series of professional marketing templates? Commence will create them for you.  Need to distribute the mailings? Commence will do it for you. Need articles written and posted on social sites? Commence will do it for you. You see where I am going here. Commence is a CRM tools company coupled with an array of sales and marketing services. You can engage Commence to do part or all of the above based on our expert opinion of where you can get the best return for your investment.  Commence has the tools and resources to deliver exceptional value at an affordable cost.  Most customers start with our bulk e-mail program and add other services in the months ahead. This is because we can quickly begin to build your brand and introduce your company, your product, or your service to a large number of people within a few weeks.  

Below is a quick video of how this program works.  To learn more about Commence and our sales and lead generation services contact sales@commence.com or call 877-266-6362. 

Commence All in One Lead Generation Service