Month: July 2023

Lead Generation Services Video

Commence – Best All in One Lead Generation Service

By CommenceCRM / July 24, 2023

If you are a small to mid-size company, you have probably been bombarded by e-mails pitching lead generation services. It is a booming market because every company, large or small, wants and needs new business opportunities. The problem with most lead generation services is that they offer a piecemeal approach to addressing this critical need. Most common are the companies…

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It is Time to Invest in Customer Profile Software

By CommenceCRM / July 13, 2023

  Customer profiling software programs continue to evolve and now enable companies with the ability to capture vital information about customers such as their buying habits, latest purchases, and the level of service they expect. Commence Corporation, manufacturer of Commence CRM, has taken a leadership position in this area and offers customer profile software that provides an in-depth view of…

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