By CommenceCRM

It is Time to Invest in Customer Profile Software


Customer profiling software programs continue to evolve and now enable companies with the ability to capture vital information about customers such as their buying habits, latest purchases, and the level of service they expect.

Commence Corporation, manufacturer of Commence CRM, has taken a leadership position in this area and offers customer profile software that provides an in-depth view of your customer accounts, sales, correspondence, activities, projects, and service history.  Commence CRM software displays a complete 360-degree profile of customer information enabling your staff to maximize every customer interaction.

Use Customer Profile Software to Find Your Best Customers

When used properly Customer Profile Software can help you to group potential customers based on specific and similar criteria such as geographic location, size, and business requirements you may have discovered from social media sites or direct interaction with the prospect. In creating a customer profile of your ideal customer, your sales team will be able to better identify similar customers who are a better fit for your business. You can match the customer profile of each successful sale to understand who your business should be looking for. Today, artificial intelligence or AI is used to review large volumes of sales data to help sales managers visualize and improve performance. This is often referred to as business intelligence or BI and can be very expensive. But small to mid-size companies do not need AI tools to capture and visualize customer data. All that is required is a flexible CRM software program like Commence CRM.

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