By CommenceCRM

Marketing and Lead Generation Differentiate Commence CRM

Known for its robust suite of applications that include account and contact management, sales, activity management, a customer portal, ticketing, and an integrated project management application, it is the company’s full-service marketing and lead generation solution that is propelling Commence CRM to the top of its game in the CRM sector.

“Small to mid-size businesses have a difficult challenge when it comes to designing and distributing marketing campaigns that help build brand recognition and generate new business opportunities” says Flo Herrington, Senior Consultant at Commence. “The reason why is that they typically do not have experienced marketing personnel on staff and it’s difficult and costly to recruit this expertise for a small company. There are plenty of CRM solutions, Commence included, that offer marketing applications, but none of our competitors address the human resource requirement. We do, and it has become a significant differentiator. ”

Here is how Lead Generation integrated with CRM is different.

  • We start by building a targeted prospect list of 5,000 – 10,000 contacts, even 100,000 contacts for our customers.
  • We help you fine tune your value proposition by focusing on what you provide better than your competition.
  • We then build a series of e-mail marketing campaigns with that value proposition and a call to action built into each campaign.
  • We distribute the campaigns 2-3 times a month which builds consistency and name recognition.
  • We report and measure each campaign for the number of opens and clicks then rank each lead based on their behavior – two points for each mail opened and five points for those that clicked on a call to action. The reporting is fully integrated with Commence CRM which enables customers to watch the lead point system grow and manage each new opportunity from the initial introduction to closure.

The bottom line is this. The marketing applications provided by most CRM solution providers do not get used because they require marketing expertise to realize any value. This is why many companies turn to e-mail distribution providers like Constant Contact and MailChimp for example. But these companies do not provide you with a targeted prospect list, they do not design custom mail campaigns for you, but instead offer pre-built options. They also do not rank and color code new leads or automatically update them in your CRM system.

This is where Commence CRM is providing substantial value. Our CRM software coupled with experienced marketing professionals allows us to become an extension of our customers sales and marketing team, filling the resource gap and more importantly helping them to build brand recognition and generate more new business opportunities.

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