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6 Steps for Crafting Effective Email Communication – Part Two

E-Mail Marketing in 6 Easy Steps


In our previous article, we discussed the initial steps required for building a successful e-mail marketing campaign. In step one you identified your target market. In step two you documented your value proposition and in step three you either built or acquired a database of prospects you want to market to. Let’s now talk about the final steps: content creation, campaign distribution and measuring the effectiveness of your program.

Step 4:  Content Creation

Step four is all about content creation. You need to build a series of cosmetically appealing e-mail campaigns for the next 90-120 days that clearly outline your message and offer a call to action for prospects to take. Examples include: click to get a free product sample, download a white paper, or schedule a call with one of our experts.

You will want to initially design two templates for distribution at the same time. We call this an A-B test. The objective is to determine which campaign performed better than the other. The top performing one will guide any future templates you create.

Step 5: Campaign Distribution

Consistency is the key to a successful e-mail marketing program. Industry experts claim that a prospect will not remember your name, your company, or your product/service unless they see it seven to eight times. Your distribution should be twice a month with auto responders mixed in. An auto responder is an automated process that thanks the prospect for taking action as described above; that is, sign up for a free product sample or download a white paper. This is just another vehicle for getting your message in front of your prospects and building consistency.

Step 6:  Measuring Campaign Effectiveness

You need a reporting vehicle to determine the effectiveness of your campaigns and the ability to identify which campaign produced the best results with regard to opens and clicks on a call to action. This provides you the information you need to adjust or try new things with future campaigns. Distribution services as discussed in step five traditionally provide reports of all opens, clicks on a call to action and those that have asked to unsubscribe.

Well, you now have the all the components you need to design and execute an effective e-mail marketing program for your business. Remember consistency is key. Sending out one or two mailers over a six-month period will not produce any results. It takes several months to build brand recognition and begin to deliver a steady stream of quality prospects. If you have any questions regarding the steps outlined in this document, you can e-mail

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