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Funnel Media Group Interviews Commence CEO About Lead Generation Services

Commence Corporation, a leading provider of Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) has added an array of marketing services to their popular CRM product offering. The services are designed to address a significant challenge facing small to mid-size businesses starting with acquiring a targeted prospect list, building marketing campaigns, the consistent distribution of thousands of mailers every month and measuring the performance of each campaign. This caught the attention of Susan Finch, founder of the Funnel Media Group, a podcast production and promotion company, for improved marketing and sales execution.

“We have had Larry Caretsky on our program before to talk about Commence Corporation’s CRM Software and sales enablement services,” said Susan. “We have always found his company to be in the forefront of new products and services and Larry to be an interesting guest because of what he’s always adding to the Commence list of services.   This is a great option for some of my clients that may not have the budget to bring on a fractional CMO, but still need these strategies implemented. This gives me a way to evaluate, recommend and offer a solution more in line with their budgets. Then I can come back and review.  It can be quite expensive to acquire a prospect list and they don’t always have the time or expertise to build a series of marketing templates, distribute them on a consistent basis or measure performance. This is what I found exciting about Commence. They do it all for you and at a very affordable cost.”

To listen to the recent Rooted in Revenue podcast episode on this topic, click on the link below:


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