By CommenceCRM

Commence CRM, an All-In-One CRM Solution

Commence Corporation, manufacturers of Commence CRM, is addressing a need that has been troublesome for many small to mid-size businesses for years.  It’s data consolidation.  CRM systems designed for the small to mid-size businesses traditionally manage accounts, contacts and sales, leaving businesses with no option but to use multiple third-party solutions to manage other components of their business such as marketing, help desk ticketing and project management.  This results in maintaining silos of information that is critical to the efficient operation of the business but is not accessible without jumping from system to system. In addition, this requires maintaining multiple systems and a steep learning curve for employees who have to learn how to navigate through each one.  

Commence CRM has addressed this challenge by offering an “All-in-One” solution that provides one single consolidated database of customer information fully accessible to any authorized user. In addition to the basic functionality listed above, Commence CRM offers a fully integrated Marketing Campaign management application, a Help Desk Ticketing system with a customer portal, and a built-in Project Management application.  The system also provides management with a graphical snapshot and analysis of all sales, marketing and customer service activity – all driven by the information housed in the central database.   Having immediate access to this information significantly improves efficiency, productivity, and customer service. In addition, Commence CRM enables each user to view the information the way they want to see it. The homepage dashboard and custom views allow each user to tailor the information to the way they work. This level of flexibility ensures that you have a solution that suits your business and will be embraced by your sales, marketing and support team.  

What is unique here is that Commence has somehow packaged all of this in an affordable and easy to use system. The product’s functionality rivals that of enterprise solutions at a fraction of the cost. This makes Commence CRM ideal for those businesses that need more than the basic functionality provided by traditional CRM offerings, but without the cost or complexity associated with enterprise level products. This is supported by dozens of strong customer testimonials.