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Commence CRM New Release Focused on Customer Experience

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Commence Corporation, a leading provider of Customer Relationship Management and Lead Generation services, has announced the release of the latest version of its popular CRM software. Commence has been providing innovative solutions to small and mid-size businesses for almost three decades and continues to leap-frog the competition in the small to mid-size business sector.

“It’s innovate or die” says Larry Caretsky, President of Commence. “We are in an extremely competitive space with a lot of good products and good companies. To maintain our competitive edge, we pay a lot of attention to future trends in the industry. In addition, we work hard to foster strong relationships with our customers to better understand what solutions they need to remain competitive. As a result of these efforts our development never stops, and we now release enhancements twice each calendar year.”

This latest release is focused on the automation of customer service and improving the customer experience. “Customers today have exceedingly high expectations and tend to do business with those companies that are easiest to do business with. We want to help our customers improve the experience of the people they do business with” says Caretsky “and this latest release is designed specifically for that objective.”

Commence CRM already has a very robust customer service ticketing system built into the product. It has now been expanded with an enhanced customer portal, a Frequently Asked Questions feature, and a robust Knowledgebase. The portal offers 24/7 support via an automated response system and has already proven to reduce the number of service calls. The FAQ and Knowledgebase provide customers with valuable information that they can access directly from the CRM system such as specification sheets, troubleshooting guides, even live links to other sites. These enhancements will help Commence customers provide the type of service their customers expect and give them a competitive edge over their competition. The portal has also paved the way for future customer interaction such as the ability to update their profile or place an order in a secured environment.

Commence CRM is ideal for small to mid-size companies that require more functionality than is available in lower end cookie cutter CRM solutions, but without the cost and complexity or higher end systems.
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