By CommenceCRM

Customer Segmentation Software Will Drive More Sales

The more you know about your customers the more effectively you will be with upselling and cross selling opportunities, but you cannot do this if you are managing customer relationships with a contact manager or an Excel spreadsheet. You need a flexible CRM software solution that enables you to capture, track, manage and categorize your customers based on a set of specific criteria.

Commence CRM offers the flexibility to segment customers based on numerous criteria such as company size, type of company, SIC code, geographic location, vertical industry, products purchased, services purchased, opportunity for product expansion and much more. The program also provides you with the flexibility to place customers in specific mailing lists segmented by account manager, or by industry, or to identify customers that may be serviced by a business partner, value added reseller or consultant. As illustrated below Commence CRM offers a variety of categories for segmenting customers.

Using Columns and Mailing Lists for Customer Segmentation

Once the customers are segmented you use Commence CRM to create and distribute targeted marketing campaigns for cross selling and upselling opportunities. Each campaign can be targeted at the specific categories you have created in the system.

Target Email Marketing to Customer Segment

Customer segmentation software, that also offers the capability to create and distribute targeted marketing campaigns, has driven a substantial increase in product and services revenue for Commence CRM customers. To learn more or see a demonstration call 877-266-6362 or e-mail sales@commence.com