By CommenceCRM

Marketing Is Critical to Your Business Strategy

Businessman thinking about costs

Every industry sector is facing increased competition. Add Covid-19 to the mix and you will find that many small to mid-size companies are struggling to make ends meet. They need growth today, not tomorrow. Despite this when growing their business becomes a challenge the first thing many businesses do is reduce their marketing expense. It’s a quick decision and provides immediate cost reductions, but is it the right thing to do? The answer is no! Marketing is critical to the health of your business. It’s required to build your brand and introduce your products and services to your target audience. Many of the companies I have spoken with who are struggling with growth are almost always 90-100% dependent on Inbound and Network Referrals. They do not have an effective Outbound operation in place. Here lies the problem.

Commence Corporation is helping SMBs address this need by building an outbound operation for them. The focus is on lead generation. Commence provides the following service.

1) Provide you with a list of targeted prospects: 5,000, 10,000 even 100,000 if required.
2) Build marketing templates and distribute them 2 to 3 times a month to the target audience.
3) You will have immediate access to each campaign to view all opens and click throughs.
4) New leads will be automatically imported into your CRM system. If you do not have a CRM system, we will provide ours at no cost.

It’s that easy. We do all the heavy lifting and you follow-up on your new leads. This program is delivering results to our customers, helping them generate new business opportunities and upselling to existing customers.

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