By CommenceCRM

Why Your Marketing May Be Failing!

Delivering the Best Mix Takes Experience

Executing successful marketing campaigns is key to the success any business. It drives brand recognition, more inquiries and new business opportunities, but it’s hard work and requires three components for success:  

  1. A Well-Defined Marketing Plan.
  2. Marketing Automation Tools.
  3. Experienced Resources. 

These are the primary challenges facing many small to mid-size companies today so let’s take a look at all three and see where you are doing well and where you may need some help.  

The Marketing Plan  

Creating a successful marketing plan (often called a marketing mix) is more than simply sending out a series of bulk e-mail campaigns. Your business needs to fully understand what does your product or service provide better than anyone else?  What are your customers competing alternatives?  How are you going to communicate your strategic advantages to the market and what processes are in place to convert new prospects into customers?  Once you have this defined you can begin to build your marketing campaign.  

Marketing Tools  

Many small to mid-size companies have purchased CRM software with marketing automation tools hopeful that these programs will enable them to generate marketing campaigns that drive new business opportunities.  While this is a good place to start, e-mail marketing campaigns are just one component of creating a marketing mix. We are in a digital world that requires you to communicate your message via some combination of bulk e-mail, pay per click, search engine optimization, Facebook, Twitter, industry specific listing services, white papers, customer testimonials, Google Ads and more.  CRM tools on their own do not address these requirements.  

Experienced Resources  

Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of generating a successful marketing mix for your business is the need for experienced human resources. The challenge here is that the marketing continues to evolve and the number of people with a high degree of expertise are in short numbers, are difficult to recruit and often too costly for small to mid-size firms.  As a result, many businesses are unable to build and execute an effective marketing mix and as such, focus their attention on what they can do with the tools and resources they do have such as bulk -e-mail programs.  While this is a good first step it’s just not enough and is the reason why so many businesses feel that their marketing is failing.   

One of the ways to successfully address the above is to engage a company that can provide you with the automation tools and expertise necessary to create, execute and manage the marketing process for you.  Commence Corporation is a provider of CRM Sales and Marketing tools.  The company is well recognized for the robust functionality incorporated within their CRM software but Commence is more than a provider of CRM tools. The company has successfully created a Marketing Enablement Program that is designed to help companies take their marketing efforts to the next level.  Coupled with the automation tools, is a staff of highly trained marketing professionals that can create or guide you with the creation of a marketing mix for your business.   These services can be a basic as creating and executing marketing campaigns, filling your pipeline with new leads, or developing SEO and digital advertisements for your business. Commence can be the difference between the success and failure of your marketing program.  To learn more, see: or call Commence Sales.