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Lead Distribution Software with Commence CRM

Lead Scoring

Lead Distribution software enables companies to capture and efficiently distribute leads to your sales team by different criteria such as by territory, by representative, by product and more. Getting new business opportunities quickly to the right sales representative has shown to increase conversion rates and revenue by more than 10 percent.   Commence CRM is a product that automates the entire lead capture, lead scoring and lead distribution process.  New leads can come from multiple sources such as web site forms, marketing campaigns, trade shows, cold calls or they can simply be imported directly into your CRM system from third party providers.  Commence CRM takes over from there by using a series of rule-based routing procedures that enables your sales representatives to reach new prospects faster than the competition.

Every lead generated by your marketing activity is unique and needs to be properly qualified.  Commence CRM ranks and color codes new prospects based on a set of predefined criteria. This provides the appropriate sales representative with key information about the prospect. It includes details about the prospect’s real need for your product or service, whether they have the proper budget and what their timetable is for a decision. This ensures that sales representatives are always engaged with the most promising new business opportunities.

The Lead Distribution process built into Commence CRM is just one key component to improve sales execution. The product offers a number of sales automation tools and processes for efficiently managing the sales cycle.  Commence CRM even offers a service that imports leads into the CRM system based pre-defined criteria, such as industry, company size, sic code, title, location and more.