By CommenceCRM

Are You Willing to Invest in Marketing?

Commence customers almost always purchase the Marketing application built into our CRM software. Why? Because they want to use it to build brand visibility and most importantly generate new business opportunities using the product’s bulk-e-mail and drip marketing campaign features. This all makes sense, but despite this critical business requirement the utilization of this capability in some instances is low. We often see an initial mailer or two get created and distributed primarily because the Commence support staff is training someone how to do it, but once we disengage it simply flat lines. This is not a product issue. Mainstream products that provide bulk email are suffering the same fate. There are two specific reasons for this and an easy way to address it. Keep reading to find out how.  

Reason 1:  There’s No Plan  

Many of the customers we work with have underestimated the effort required to create a successful marketing campaign. Marketing is much more than sending out a bulk mailer every so often. You need a plan and a marketing mix.  Developing the plan can be challenging because you need to understand the following.  

What customers do you serve better than anyone else?  

What are the customers’ competing alternatives?  

How can you definitively differentiate your product or service? 

How are you going to communicate the above to the market?  

A successful marketing plan requires a marketing mix which consists of the distribution channels you are going to use to deliver your message. It is social media advertising, blog articles, pay per click programs, webinars, podcasts, e-mail campaigns, listing services, web site offers, trade shows or some combination of the above. This will of course depend on your industry, but getting this right is key to realizing measurable results from your efforts.  

Reason 2:  Resource Constrained  

Most small to mid-size companies do not have experienced marketing professionals on board. This is because these people are hard to recruit and expensive to have on staff full time, but you need this expertise to generate successful marketing campaigns. So now what? Well, here is the answer. You can engage a marketing firm that specializes in developing a marketing plan and strategy for your business or you can take advantage of a CRM solution provider that couples marketing services with their marketing tools.  

Commence Marketing Enablement  

Commence Corporation has addressed the above by coupling its Marketing software with a team of highly experienced marketing professionals that become an extension of your staff. Our competitive differentiator is not the software, but the marketing expertise provided by an experienced staff. Our target is small to mid-size businesses that have realized that they cannot create successful marketing campaigns by themselves. They need our assistance for generating targeted mailing lists, fine tuning the message, creating the templates, and automating the distribution of the campaigns. We are communicating this message via a mix of articles like this, webinars, podcasts, blog articles and bulk e-mail campaigns. You can do the same if you are willing to invest in marketing your products or services. 

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