By CommenceCRM

Onboarding Key to Successful Implementation of CRM

Onboarding Plan

CRM software is all about automating the internal businesses processes that impact how you market, sell and provide service to your customers.  It can be a wonderful tool, but taking full advantage of what a CRM solution can provide is no easy task. Sometimes the internal business processes are not in place or not even established, so there is nothing to automate or they are in place, but need to be reworked to improve business performance.  In addition, the use of CRM requires experienced sales, marketing and service personnel who can assist with the implementation and customization of the product for their internal use.   

Quality CRM solution providers understand this and have created what they refer to as the “Onboarding” process, which simply means that they have designed successful implementation plans coupled with experienced resources that ensure the proper implementation, training and use of their software.  Large organizations and many mid-market firms understand and appreciate the onboarding process.  They know it is a critical component to ensuring that they realize the maximum value from the CRM software.  

The small business community has struggled with this however.  Industry experts claim that as many as 73 percent of CRM installations fail to get properly implemented or used among small businesses.  There are several reasons for this.  First, in many instances the internal business processes for managing how they market, sell or provide service are not in place.  These need to be established and working before implementing any CRM solution.  In addition, they traditionally do not have highly experienced sales, marketing and support personnel that can work with the solution provider to implement, manage and train the staff on new procedures.   Without the above it’s hard for any CRM solution to be successfully implemented.  This has led to such a high percentage of failure.   

Commence Corporation is addressing this challenge using its own Onboarding program designed specifically for small to mid-size firms.  The company has coupled its software with a team of experienced resources that assist with ensuring internal business processes are not only established and automated, but the end users are properly trained on how to use the system.  During the initial implementation and for several weeks after, this onboarding team takes responsibility for the successful implementation and use of the CRM software.  This has resulted in Commence having one of the highest installation and utilization rates among small to mid-size businesses.  You can read many of the testimonials about Commence CRM and the support services via this website link. https://commencefrodev.wpengine.com/testimonials/