Month: October 2021

Do You Use Sales Tracking Software?

By CommenceCRM / October 19, 2021

Sales is a proactive game and winning requires sales representatives and sales managers to fully understand some key points: timing, competition, and resources needed. This cannot be achieved without tracking each sales opportunity and in some cases may be the reason you have lost some deals. Where is each sales opportunity in the pipeline? Years ago, sales managers used whiteboards that displayed each new…

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Are You Willing to Invest in Marketing?

By CommenceCRM / October 15, 2021

Commence customers almost always purchase the Marketing application built into our CRM software. Why? Because they want to use it to build brand visibility and most importantly generate new business opportunities using the product’s bulk-e-mail and drip marketing campaign features. This all makes sense, but despite this critical business requirement the utilization of this capability in some instances is low. We often see an initial mailer or two get created and distributed primarily because the Commence support staff is…

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Commence CRM view of Sales opportunities

Understanding Sales Tracking Software

By CommenceCRM / October 4, 2021

Tracking and managing the sales cycle is paramount to the success of every business, but despite this, many have failed to master the process.    What is Sales Tracking Software?  Sales tracking software automates and streamlines the process by which you capture, track and manage new business opportunities.  It begins with establishing a sales methodology often referred to as your sales process.  These…

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