By CommenceCRM

Do You Use Sales Tracking Software?

Sales is a proactive game and winning requires sales representatives and sales managers to fully understand some key points: timing, competition, and resources needed. This cannot be achieved without tracking each sales opportunity and in some cases may be the reason you have lost some deals.

Where is each sales opportunity in the pipeline?

Years ago, sales managers used whiteboards that displayed each new opportunity and what stage of the sales cycle it was in. Magnets were used to move a deal from stage to stage. Even then they understood the value and need to track every sales opportunity. Today, we have better tools such as automated sales tracking software from CRM solution providers like Commence Corporation. Think of sales tracking software as an automated whiteboard.

What are the prospect’s competing alternatives?

CRM gives management access to sales activities throughout the organization. This bird’s-eye view of past performance against the competition, what worked and what did not, is invaluable.

What resources are required to win the business?

Using sales tracking software allows management to better understand what expertise may be required to better position their company to earn the business, and to bring those resources to the table during each stage of the sales cycle. This is often the difference between winning and losing a new opportunity. This is the return on investment you get from sales tracking software.

Some companies seem reluctant to utilize sales tracking software, fearful that it will be too hard to use. Products like Commence make the process easy. It is all automated and requires little more than entering the sales opportunity name, then following the progress. To learn more about Commence CRM’s sales tracking software visit https://commence.com/software-features/sales-tracking-system/