Month: August 2021

6 Client Retention Strategies And Why CRM Should Be Among Them

By CommenceCRM / August 29, 2021

Increasing customer loyalty can substantially boost revenue. So what is client retention, and how can it be improved? Customer retention is a strategy for increasing loyal customers to the brand and company over time.   An effective retention strategy converts one-time consumers into loyal, frequent clients who pay more, buy more regularly, and recommend it to their friends. A client…

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Invest Time in Your Business

Investing Time in Your Business

By Dave Kahle / August 25, 2021

To grow your business, you must develop the discipline to adhere to certain regular practices. The first of these is investing your time in your business in a methodical, regular and disciplined way. Growing your business is not the result of a one-time event. Growth is the result of disciplined, methodical investment in proven practices and habits. A business is a…

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Sales Opportunity Stages

CRM Boom or Bust?

By CommenceCRM / August 18, 2021

Businesses have had different experiences with CRM software. Some have done rather well and realized a significant improvement in how they manage customer relationships while others have struggled and say that CRM has just not worked for them.  Those that have had a good experience indicate that they have used CRM to automate the internal business processes that impact how…

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